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Have you every bought an item, let’s say a top, and realised you didn’t have a skirt, the right pair of shoes or jacket to go with it? This was literally me throughout the first half of my tweenties. This may surprise some of you, but I loved colour, the brighter the better. I wore a lime dress with orange shoes for my 21st (like it was a Matthew Williamson dress and the Jimmy Choo heels so it was nicer than it sounds), but nowadays a lot more reserved in my colour choices.

I have now done a complete turn around that I need to be a little more active when introducing colour, but I also need to be thoughtful in what colours and will blend in with my wardrobe and what I will actually wear.

At the start of each season, I tend to assign myself a palette and this helps me create a wardrobe that works. Rather than random pops of colour, I usually select a couple of shades that I like, and that work well together and this makes building looks so much easier.

Now if you are someone who adores colour and loves to mix and match than this post is not for you! I commend your style, but this post is focused on anyone who struggles to get out of an all black rut.

So here is my Autumn/ Winter palette, not exactly groundbreaking but for the rest of the season, I will aim to stay within white, black, grey, blush and wine. Black and white are obvious, they are two colours that I live in.Β  Grey is a colour I am drawn to in winter as grey knitwear always looks a little cosier for some reason. The blush pink is for two reasons, one is that it was a part of my Spring/ Summer palette and I already have a couple of pieces that I can carry into the new season. The second reason is that I love the contrast of tough black leather next to soft blush knitwear. Finally, I went with a wine colour as again I already have a couple of pieces in my closet in this colour, and it is a nice warm shade for Winter that isn’t too bright or tough to wear.

This palette works for me, but there are some items in my closet that I will still wear that don’t fit this exact mould. For example, my camel coat is one of my favourite pieces to pull out every single winter, I also love a little leopard print, but this is more of a guide so I don’t end up with lime knitwear that I never wear.

Committing to a palette like this is also super helpful when shopping, rather than getting distracted by shiny things and buying pieces that I only end up wearing once, I focus in on pieces that I know will slot into my wardrobe perfectly.

If you are loving this palette than check out my favourite pieces of these colours right here:



Shop all of these gorgeous pieces here.Β 


So this is the colour palette that I have chosen, but this style of planning can be applied to just about any colour. If you would like any help putting together your own palette than please let me know in the comments and I would love to help.

Stay stylish,



This post was more focused on colours, but I recently posted about what items I am planning to pick up this season, which you can check out here.


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