Electric Picnic Music and Arts Festival 2017

Another year, another EP festival down. Electric Picnic is always a special festival for me as it usually falls on or around my birthday and this year was my 30th, where else would you want to celebrate?!

This year was also special as it was the first time that Conor attended, he has never camped at a festival so for his birthday last year I bought him a ticket. Yes I forced his hand a little, but I knew he would have a great time.

Let’s get to the most important/ superficial part of the whole weekend, the outfits that took so much planning.

Day 1

Dress // Vavavoom // Similar here // Similar here
Socks // Guess // Similar here
Wellies // Hunter // Shop here
Ankle Boots // BooHoo // Shop here
Jacket // ASOS // Similar here
Hair band // Taylor & Rose // Shop here
Necklace // Temple Wolf // Shop here
Bag // Online Boutique // Similar here


Day 2


Dress // River Island // Similar here
Jacket // ASOS // Similar here
Sunglasses // Quay Australia // Shop here
Socks // ASOS // Similar here
Boots // Hunter // Shop here
Scarf/ Blanket // Zara // Similar here
Red Cardigan // Primark // Similar here


Day 3

Dress // Zara // Similar here
Jacket // ASOS // Similar here
Socks // ASOS // Similar here
Boots // Hunter // Similar here
Sunglasses // Quay // Shop here

The fabulous glitter was one of the girls and she picked it up on PrettyLittleThing.com, shop here.

I kept my style pretty floaty this year, I wanted to be really comfortable and all of these dresses were really nice to wear. My ASOS parka comes with me every year, it is not waterproof, but it will get me through a light shower. When it started to really rain I picked up a parka from the ISPCC which was perfect.

I did bring a pair of fabulous ankle boots that did get some wear, but my Hunter boots are a total essential at a festival, especially when it rained so heavily all Saturday.

Next stop beauty!

My makeup was pretty standard, there was nothing different just because I was at a festival. I brought my Urban Decay ultimate basics palette, L’oreal true match foundation and Benefit brow products and a load of other bits.

I brought the new Sebium Bioderma micellar water to remove my makeup. I usually wash my face every morning and night so this was the closets thing to having fresh cleansed skin from a tent.
SPF is also really important, especially when you spend so much of the weekend outdoors. I trusted my Body Shop Emulsion SPF 20 PA+++ for my face and Nivea SPF 3o for my body.

When the sun was really strong I kept my Garnier Moisture Bomb SPF mist in my bag and drowned myself in it. This was actually a big hit with everyone, the smell is fab and it feels so refreshing.

Finally I brought some Moisture Bomb masks to help ease my hangovers. Waking up in a tent dehydrated and over heated means a cool sheet mask is life changing. Everyone at our campsite thought I was a freak, but this genuinely brought me back to life on the Sunday morning when I was really missing my bed. The princess Leia buns were an attempt to give some shape/ curl to my hair after the rain the night before messed it up completely. Such style. The cardigan and trackies are from Penneys and they were such comfy lounge pieces for hanging out around the campsite.


I don’t attend EP for the music, I go for the weekend as a whole, but that being said there wasn’t any big act that excited me. I loved the bit of 80s cheese that Duran Duran delivered and there were a good few main stage acts that I enjoyed but nobody that I am a huge fan of.
My absolute favourite performance of this year (and most years) was the Dublin Gospel Choir. They always perform on Sunday and it is the hug my soul needs after two nights sleeping in a tent and dealing with hangovers. I show up feeling a little rough and by the end I am singing and dancing and smiling from ear to ear.


I don’t know if it is old age ( I had just turned 30 on the Thursday) but I could not drink spirits this year. Usually I like a few beers here and there but vodka is my bae and this year I was all about the beer and cider. I did visit the Casa Bacardi bar a few times for Mojitos but in general I was enjoying Heinekien and Orchard Thieves cider. The key to surviving this weekend was also drinking a hell of a lot of water, you can forget about water, especially when you are drinking so much, but I tried to keep a bottle of water on me at all times.


Again this was a strange weekend and I had zero appetite. I did visit Eddie Rockets and The Big Blue Bus but for once in my life I could not finish my food. My saviour for the weekend was O’Briens who had really classic and simple sandwiches that got me through the weekend. It was a shame as the food is usually a highlight for the weekend for me and I love to try lots of different dishes. It must be an age thing, I am no longer in my 20s, so weekends of beer and burgers are just not possible, and a fresh tuna salad sandwich is much more appealing.

More Highlights


The My Lovely Horse Rescue area is always a highlight. This is a small area in the trailer park section that has some beautiful rescue dogs, donkeys, horse and I believe a goat (I could have imagined that). Again this is KEY when hungover as the little puppy cuddles lift my soul.

Cheese ball alert! This weekend was amazing because Conor was with me. I have enjoyed every single year so much, but having him with me made it so much better. It was really fun to experience it for the first time through his eyes and it was also amazing to have my boyfriend around because it can be a long weekend and cuddles are key when it is raining and you’re tired and grumpy.

Every year our group gets a little bigger and better. I love everyone from our EP family, everyone always gets on so well, but there are also enough people around that no matter what you are in the mood for there will be at least one one other person who wants to join you. We try to all together a handful of times throughout the weekend but we never miss the Dublin Gospel Choir which is when this was taken. For the rest of the weekend (and year) we have a whatsapp group so everyone can check and find each-other.


The rave is the woods is always gas, but this year one of the guys brought these super creepy masks. At the time it was lashing rain, about 2.30am and I had just put on a dry clothing and had no intention of leaving the tents but when I saw the masks my mood changed. We didn’t stay too long at the rave but the masks made it so much better. I usually enjoy the rave in the woods for the people watching but this year with our masks we were the ones getting stares.

My sister Ria and I do Electric Picnic separately every year but always try and get together for a few drinks and proper catch up. We see each other once a week a home usually, but when we hang out at EP it is just a different vibe. Conor and Ria don’t get to hang out too much so I loved the three of us getting drinks and chilling out.


This was my first year bringing my own tent and I picked one up in Lidl for €35. It was brilliant, stayed totally dry, was sturdy enough that it didn’t collapse during really strong winds and was just perfect for what we needed. It was a 3 man tent so it was roomy enough for 2 people without being huge.  Some people we knew had spent just under €200 on a tent that ended up leaking and all of their stuff got soaked so I am going to trust Lidl from now on, their products are usually great quality.

This year I brought a small canvas and pole camping bed and it changed everything! Every year I used a sleeping mat and my back is always knotted by Sunday, this bed was so much more comfortable and meant I slept longer throughout the night. It only raised me a few inches off the ground but it made a world of difference and I highly recommend keeping an eye out for camping deals now as this is when those items tend to go on sale.

We stayed at the Janis Joplin site again this year and it was once again perfect. It was busy but not crazy or overly packed like some other sites. The bathrooms were always spotless and really well maintained. Although the rain had been so heavy on Saturday, we still had grass all around us when we were packing up on Monday, unlike some of the other sites.


This was my 4th Electric Picnic but it may be my last. I had such an amazing time, but I really am getting old now. I think if I am to do it again I would like to go down the luxury route and get one of the VIP tents or even a hotel. That could just me being a little dramatic because I have still not fully recovered from the weekend and I am super run down at the moment. I have a few months to make up my mind, so watch this space.

Did you attend Electric Picnic this year, what was your highlight?


In preparation for turning 30 I visited Skinfull Affairs for a blissful facial. Check it out here. 


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