Skinful Affairs Luxury Yon-Ka Facial 

At 29 years (and 364 days) I am stuck between two problems with my skin,

  1. Anti-Ageing as I literally turn 30 tomorrow and want to keep the ageing process as slow as possible.
  2. Hormonal breakouts, around my chin and sometimes my jaw and around my nose. I really thought at this age spots would be well in my past, but it seems like they are going nowhere.

I like to switch up my skin care routine from time to time and introduce new products  such as retinoids and acids and see what my skin reacts well to, but sometimes you just need an expert to intervene and give your skin some TLC.


I was delighted to be invited* to Skinful Affairs for a custom facial earlier this month, as I want to look my best for my 30th and facials can totally refresh your skin and give a gorgeous glow.

Skinful Affairs is located on Exchequer Street in Dublin 2 and what makes this place stand out to me is the fact it is a vegan, organic and natural salon. This isn’t something that is essential to me, but I am educating myself in the roles animals play in our world and trying to make some small changes that will leave a positive impact.

All of the beauty, makeup and body ranges that are available to purchase are all vegan and the selection was fantastic. Skinful Affairs offer a lot of other services such as manicures, brow treatments, henna, massages and more.

Check out their website for more information. 

The treatment room for my facial was located in the basement which meant we went from a busy Dublin street to a totally serene room away from the rest of the world. Skinful Affairs use Yon-Ka skin care for their facials, which I had never used before and was really excited to see how my skin reacted.


Before the treatment started I did talk through my skin concerns, mentioning anti-ageing, but the pressing issue was the red and sore breakout around my chin.

I know there were multiple stages to my treatment which included a cleanse, peel, mask, eye treatment and shoulder massage. I cannot be more specific than that as I was so relaxed that I was drifting in and out of sleep. I know ingredients such as rosemary were applied as that ingredient would help draw out my spots and quicken their life cycle.


This was my skin before the treatment started, as you can see it was red and sore around my chin. The serious shine around my nose is from my SPF.

This was my skin directly after the treatment. The redness had reduced greatly immediately and my skin looked refreshed. Not only that, but I was mentally recharged.

This was 2 days later. I had not worn any makeup for the weekend and even Conor has mentioned I had a glow. Again the redness has reduced further but my skin genuinely was brighter and glowing.

Two weeks later, yes I am wearing makeup here, but as you can see my chin is pretty clear. I bought the Yon-ka Creme 93 moisturiser which is a beautiful cream that repairs the skin and mattifies the complexion and it has been brilliant to use these past few weeks, I am really noticing a difference in my skin.


I believe I am putting my best face forward as I enter my 30s and I think this facial is worth the investment. I am planning on treating myself every couple of months to give my skin a little TLC, as I do spend a lot of time at home with face masks and skin care, but nothing compares to a professional luxury treatment. It is also a great treatment to give yourself a break and step away from iPhones, work and to-do lists and totally switch off for an hour and really relax.


Stay stylish,



*This is not a sponsored post, the treatment was complimentary but I was under no obligation to share my experience. 


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