Festival Packing List | Camping Equipment

Electric Picnic is calling my name! It is a few weeks away but I have had my ticket since October and this year the weekend falls on my 30th birthday so it’s kind of a big deal for me. It is also a big deal as this is the first year that Conor is coming so I am moving out of my friends tent and setting up my own little casa for the weekend.

I will be sharing a couple of festival guides in the run up to EP that will include beauty and fashion essentials, but this post is going to be all about equipment, as unglamorous as that may be. This is my 4th year year attending and I like to have a little bit of luxury when I camp so as far as I am concerned these are all necessary, but you may disagree.

  1. Tent: DUH! Ok well this is my first year that I had to buy my own tent as I have shared with a friend the last 3 years. I was lucky enough to get a 3 man tent in Lidl for about €35 this year. I personally wanted a 3 man because Conor and I are sharing and I come with a decent amount of baggage that I need to unpack in the tent and have that little bit of extra space. Scroll to the end to see the best websites to shop on for tents.
  2. Sleeping bag: Double DUH! I am pretty sure I have bought a brand new sleeping bad every single year, but luckily you can get good quality sleeping bags that are cheap and cheerful. This is camping in September at a music festival, you do not need a hardcore sleeping bag that would be more suited to the wilderness.
  3. Camping chairs: This is important but you can but camping chairs at most festivals so you may not want to drag one all the way down to EP. I found some at sports direct for €9 that I am happy with, which means I saved a whopping €16 per chair. These chairs are such life savers, and back savers when you are sleeping on the ground for a whole weekend.
  4. Pillow: I usually buy a cheap and cheerful inflatable pillow for the weekend on ebay but this still doesn’t equate to having a real pillow with you. I don’t bring normal pillows down just because they are so bulky so I usually take the inflatalable pillow and wrap it up in hoodies or clothing to bulk it out a bit and make it more comfortable. If you can bring a real pillow than I 100% recommend it!
  5. Bed: As I mentioned this is my 4th year and I have decided to truly spoil myself with a camping bed this year. I have done 3 years sleeping on an inflatable mat, and although that is better than being flat on the ground, this year I will be a few inches elevated off the ground and I know I will be so smug about it. If you don’t want a camping bed than I do recommend air mats and mattresses as the ground is unbelievably uncomfortable.
  6. Trolley: This is something I have yet to invest in, but if you can get your hands on a trolley than this will be your best friend! The worst part of EP is carrying four days worth of your life from the car to the campsite and I really want to get my hands on a cart or trolley that can help lug that load. I did see one on homestoreandmore.ie but it was not available for home delivery so I need to look in store. Over the years I have seen people bring wagons, trolleys and even wheelie bins in an attempt to make like a little easier.
  7. A giant bag: My first EP I invested in a bag that I think could have been 30litres, and it has done me proud every year. I only use it for this one weekend every single year so it is in perfect condition and worth the investment. I got mine on ebay and it was more affordable than what I had seen in stores.
  8. Torch: Everyone laughs at me when I whip out the torch every year that dangles from my bag or my neck. So many people use the torch on their phone but there are two reasons why a torch on a string is so much better! 1) Don’t waste your phone battery, charging your phone is a pain in the ass at a festival unless you have a really good battery pack. 2) When you are in a dark port-a-potty you want to keep your hands free and your phone safely tucked away in your bag just incase you do drop it on the floor, or god forbid down the toilet itself.
  9. Batter Packs: As mentioned above keeping your phone charged is a pain so this year I am bringing two batterypacks. I think one is about 20,000mah and 12,000mah so that should be more than enough to keep my iPhone going all weekend for lots of snaps and instagrams.

This may not be glam but I promise I will have a beauty and style post coming your way very soon, but I genuinely believe that this is the type of stuff you need to pick up now to get good bargains. I have listed my favourite websites for shopping online for camping equipment.


If I have left anything off the list, or you know of some amazing retailers to get great camping equipment please let me know in the comments below.

Stay stylish, even when sleeping in a tent,





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