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This Summer has been pretty amazing in Ireland which is rather surprising, in a very pleasant way. So far this year I have successfully avoided getting burnt this year and I have a couple of products that I have been relying on this year and wanted to share them all with you to ensure we are all staying sun safe.


I do have light eyes, pale skin and freckles so I don’t really try to get a natural tan and I just try to avoid getting sun damage. I have visible sun damage from when I was younger, which includes clusters of freckles on my shoulders that were a result from getting burnt that I had blisters, so now I just want to put on false tan and keep my skin protected.


Kiehls Ultra Facial Day Cream with SPF 30

I love the Ultra Facial Cream as it is so lightweight and feels really replenishing. Now that this cream is available with SPF 30 it ticks every box I have for my perfect cream. Ever since receiving this product I have used it every single day. It feels amazing on and is absorbed so quickly, it is a great base for makeup too but I always use a primer also.

Shop here.


The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Fresh Emulsion SPF 20

This product has a lower SPF than I would usually wear on my face, but it is perfect for cloudy Dublin days when I am not sitting out in the sun but I am out and about. This can be used on its own or under your favourite moisturiser. This product also protects the skin from pollution. I actually love The Body Shop and I am a huge fan of The Drops of Youth range as it improves the texture and appearance of skin too.

Shop here.


No7 Anti-Ageing Shimmering Lip & Eye SPF 30

This was a product that I was really intrigued about. I find so few products that offer SPF protection for the eye area, which is so strange as it is the most delicate area of skin. I also have a freckle on my lower lip that I like to keep covered up with SPF because it is an area we can forget about, until you get a big freckle! Anyway this is like a chapstick that has a slight shimmer to it that you put on around your eye and over your lips. If you’re a matte eye kind of gal don’t let this stick put you off, once you put on a matte powder over it the shimmer is really not noticeable. What I also like about this is that it doesn’t run into the eye. I always get a leaky eye from sun creams once the sun melts it down a little and my eye gets irritated, but so far this has not happened with this product. For me it gets a big thumbs up, and I feel so much better about being out in the sun when I know my eyes are protected.

Shop here. 

Garnier Moisture Bomb Multi Protecting Hydrating Mist SPF 30

This spray is AMAZING! I have not been using it as my primary SPF, I keep this little bottle in my bag and use it to top up my protection over my makeup throughout the day. If I am out and about there is a 90% chance that I am wearing makeup, so I can’t top up my SPF over foundation with normal sun cream. This mist offers a SPF 30 top up while also hydrates and refreshes your face without messing up your makeup. On a side note, I love the Moisture Bomb sheet masks and when I got this spray in Boots it was 3 for 2 so I got 2 of the sheet masks with it.

Shop here.


This blog post focused on my face but I want to add that daily I do try to wear SPF on my neck, décolletage, hands and ears because those areas are the most exposed. When I am getting more skin out I tend to stick to SPF 30 or higher as I am quite pale and burn easily. There is a myth that higher SPF can stop you from tanning but that is totally not the case. The number of the SPF multiplies how long you can stay in the sun without burning. If you have any questions about tanning and your skin’s health you can go to Cancer.ie and find out your skin type and get lot’s of really great advice.


Stay sun safe,



I have to be particularly careful with my skin this summer as I am getting laser hair removal. If you are considering getting this treatment you can checkout my blog post on my laser journey here. 


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