My Therapie Journey | Laser Hair Removal part 2

Over the past six weeks I have become one of those super annoying people who won’t stop talking about their current treatment. If you have met me in person I have probably gushed to you about how I am obsessed with my laser hair removal so far, and I cannot wait to complete my treatment. Just a reminder, I am only 1 treatment in so this will probably be something I waffle about A LOT over the coming months.

Again I just want to add that I am paying for this, but the Therapie sale prices and the payment plan made it a lot more affordable to me.

Ok so since my last post (read here) I actually got to experience the results from my first ever laser hair removal treatment. Unfortunately the results are not instant and there was a waiting game. Although the hairs had been damaged at the root, the hairs still needed to grow out from my skin before I could see my results.

I used the aloe vera gel provided by Therapie for a few days after my first treatment and I didn’t experience any bad reactions to my skin. After a couple of days I started using the exfoliator, also provided by Therapie, and this helped remove the hairs that were dead but clogged in my skin. It sounds really gross but I promise it was fine.

Over the next couple of weeks I started to really appreciate the treatment. Although I still had some hair growing, it was finer, lighter and fewer than what I would usually experience. To me this meant that rather than shaving every other day I could get away with shaving about once a week. My skin was less irritated as I didn’t have razor burn or experience the awful itchy legs I usually get in Summer from shaving almost daily. As you are about to see, I have been wearing dresses so much more since the start of the treatment and I am loving it!

I actually forgot that I did still need to shave at all, and there were a few days when I was wearing a nice dress and I would notice a couple of random hairs on my leg, but you would need to get pretty close up to see them so it wasn’t the end of the world.

My fake tan has been wearing a lot better as I am not shaving as often, which is amazing on those sunny days where I just want to pop on a skirt or shorts without it feeling like operation transformation, going from pale and hairy to slightly tan and hair bare.

I am really enjoying the results so far, and I am just so encouraged by the results from just one session. The aim is to get to about 80% hair reduction, not 100% as it would be almost impossible to get 100% of all hair removed as your body is always changing. If this means that I am left with a few stray blondish hairs than that is totally fine by me, and a huge improvement than what I started with.


Session 2:

Same rules as last time- no tan and clean shaven on all areas where you want the treatment. Luckily the exfoliator that Therapie provided is great post treatment, and pre treatment to remove any stubborn tan.

On this treatment I had Nicola, and as far as I am aware I will be with her for the rest of my treatments. She was really friendly and went through the standard health questions, had I changed medications etc. ย I asked her whether or not the intensity would be increased for the second treatment and she said they usually wait a couple of treatments in before they change anything. This was a bit of a relief as I was comfortable with the pain from the first session.

Underarms: Pretty much the same as last time, it felt like a tiny elastic band snapping my skin but the cold air from the machine cooled the skin immediately and the pain was over instantly. Aloe vera was applied right after both underarms were finished and at that point the skin was back to normal.

Bikini: Once again this area was uncomfortable, it is a sensitive area but in general the pain was short lived and totally bearable. I am only getting an extended bikini so I cannot speak for anyone who is looking to get a Brazilian or Hollywood. Aloe vera was applied straight away and the area felt fine.

Legs: The last time I felt no pain on my legs but this time I did feel it more, particularly around my shins and ankles. I didn’t mind that it felt more painful and I am one of those people that gets satisfaction from the pain as it lets me know the treatment is really working. If you are wondering why it was more painful on this treatment than the last, it can just be down to hormones/ your body on that particular day. This time my legs were a lot more pink and irritated so I made sure I applied plenty of aloe vera over the following few days.

The treatment in total took about 20/25 minutes which is just amazing to me! I have had all three areas waxed before and that takes about an hour, sometimes more, and it involves a lot less pain than waxing.

Once again everyone who I met at Therapie was really friendly and professional, and all of the ladies working there that I have spoken with are either getting laser treatments themselves or have had it done so they really know how you feel and make you as comfortable as possible.

If you do have any laser related questions please let me know below and I will try my best to answer them.

Have a fabulous day,


If you missed part one of this series you can click here for everything you need to know for your consultation and first treatment.ย 



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