Borrowing from the Boys | What I Wore

One of the downsides of moving out last year was that my wardrobe was cut down by a third… well not quite but I no longer share a roof with my sisters and their clothes. If I was ever struggling to make an outfit work I could always go into their rooms and switch a top or jacket until I loved my look.

No a days I live with my boyfriend and I am still borrowing clothes! Usually when I borrow from Conor it is for comfy stay at home clothes like baggy track suit bottoms and oversized tees, but he also has an impressive knitwear collection that I pick from every so often.

This week the weather in Ireland was expected to be pretty terrible, and out of nowhere came a hot Summer’s day. I wanted to slip back into my favourite denim skirt from ASOS but I just couldn’t find a top that I felt comfortable in and thought looked well. I took a quick peek into Conor’s wardrobe and saw a blue stripe shirt that I knew he wouldn’t miss as he hates the collar that’s on it.

This shirt was absolutely huge on me but that was the exact look I was going for. I wanted something airy, light and comfortable. I have a feeling that this will not be the last time I snoop through Conor’s shirt collection, especially as this shirt was long enough that it could potentially be styled as a dress too.


Shirt // Zara Men // Similar here
Skirt // ASOS // Shop here
Boots // Zara // Shop here
Sunglasses // Ray Ban // Shop here

Can I also give these boots a shout out?! They are โ‚ฌ20 in the special prices area of Zara. I don’t usually buy boots this time of year but the leg height on them is perfect for day dresses and the heel height is low enough to be super comfortable.

So the next time you need a chic top for a Summer look, take a peek in your boyfriend, brother or dad’s closet and see what you can work with.

Stay stylish,



I also wore this skirt on my trip to Rotterdam at the start of the month, you ca see what else I wore here.ย 


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