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Now that Spring has sprung I am already embracing glowy skin and getting a little more wear from my favourite highlighters.

I wear highlighter all year round, but in the winter months I tend to keep it more for nights out when go for that blinding look, where as Spring has me reaching for my favourite highlighters almost daily for that sun-kissed glow.

For a natural glow I usually apply highlighter to the high-points of my cheeks, my brow bone and the tip of my nose. For a full on glam I will also apply highlight along the bridge of my nose and cupids bow, and I usually apply a little more heavy handed than during the day.

MAC Soft and Gentle

No flash

with flash 

I have been using the highlight for years, I actually cannot remember when I first picked it up but now I always need to have one in my makeup collection. It is a gorgeous golden powder that leaves a subtle glow on the skin and reflects light beautifully.

This is one that I reach for more so during the day, particularly in Summer when I am rocking more of a bronzed look (which is usually fake!)

I think this was the first powder that I ever started to cover pretty much my whole body with. Back in the day when I wore skirts and dresses every weekend and relied on Sally Hansen tan I found it so flat looking on my skin, so I would always add a line of soft & gentle along the centre of my leg to give a little glow. This looks amazing on the collar bones and shoulders too.


Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow

I think if I were to only one highlight it would be this. The Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow palette is one of my all time favourite products because both the bronzing powders and the highlight are incredible. This highlight is really gorgeous as up close it is really soft and subtle on the skin, but with a little light this powder comes to life. I included a group shot above where you can see very little of my face but my lord can you see the highlight popping back at you!


The Balm Mary Lou Manizer

The highlight packs a gorgeous punch, it is honey hued and blends beautifully. This is a golden powder that instantly brightens the skin. One of my favourite youtuber Nikki Tutorials said she wears this when she wants her highlight to be visible from space. It is gorgeous for day and night.


Becca Cosmetics x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop

I saved my personal favourite for last. I accidentally treated myself to this infamous highlighter last  year when I bought it for my bestie for her birthday, but she had already treated herself to one so I got to keep it. This highlight lives up to the hype and has gives the most gorgeous glow to the skin. I don’t usually wear this during the day as it is quite intense, but pretty much every night out I have this layered on my face, collar bones and anywhere else I want a stunning glow. This is one of the priciest items on the list, but a little goes a long way. The only thing I will mention is that I do not travel with this product because I have heard of so many people that have kept it in their makeup bag or brought it on a night out and it smashed. This product is available in a liquid and a creme version so they would be better for travelling if you want to take this on holidays with you. Otherwise I would keep it safe on your vanity.


TIP: if you want a strong highlight than use a small dense brush that will pack the product on your skin, if you want it more subtle use a fan brush or something similar to lightly dust the product on.

In the past I have loved some liquid and stick highlighters but these days I love powders and they tend not to disturb my foundation, the way others can. I always set my makeup with powder and these highlights always blend in so beautifully without lifting any of my makeup.. HOWEVER now that spring is here I am reaching for more of my liquid and cream products for less of a matte finish. I will bring you a product review of my favourite liquid and cream products for Summer.

If you want to get your Spring/ Summer off to a glowing start than it is time to test out one of these highlighters for yourself.

Stay gorgeous and glowy,

Onto another highlight, I gave my hair some some kissed balayage highlights at home and you can too! Check out my easy to follow process right here. 


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