March Insta-Style | What I Wore

Well Hello there, it has been about two weeks since I last posted here but seems like forever! I am super lucky that my day job has been keeping me very busy and then a little unlucky in that I caught a pretty harsh flu last week so my blog was neglected. If you are ever wondering what I am up to and my blog is not all that active than check in with me on my Instagram, I am always sharing snaps and fun insta-stories, click here.

I am back and have a couple of exciting blog ideas coming your way over the next few weeks but I decided to ease back into things with my monthly style round-up. March was a busy week for work but as I work from home 3 to 5 days a week my typical style is sweatpants and jumpers.

On the few occasions last month when I did put in a little effort I of course snapped them and have shared them below.

March is the type of month where faux fur is essential one day, and sunglasses and tees are acceptable the next. The start of the month was freezing cold but thankfully I have not reached for my favourite faux fur jacket since.

ASOS faux fur jacket // Similar here



This is a very typical look for me during the week, but this was for a Saturday night in. My sisters were coming over to mine for takeaway, wine and chats so I kept things really cosy in my giant H&M knit and leggings. Shoes were optional and of course the first thing my sisters did was kick off their runners and get cosy on the couch.

H&M Knit // Similar here
Penneys Leggings // Similar here


March 8th was international women’s day and there were marches all over the world for women’s rights. In Ireland there was a spotlight on the 8th amendment and a call for it to be repealed. Although I could not attend I of course wore my REPEAL jumper in solidarity with all of the women and men who marched. To learn more about the 8th amendment and the impact it has on an average of 10 Irish women every day, click here.

Repeal Jumper // Shop here
River Island Jeans // Similar here
Nike Runners // Similar here


This was one of the best days as it ticked every box possible for a great day: Fashion, Food, Beauty, Wine and some gas gals. I attended a breakfast event hosted by Vavavoom and got to enjoy the fresh trends coming this way for Summer, I was also kindly gifted this floral dress that I am in love with. After a brief tea break I headed to the Dean for a beauty press day and got to play with some gorgeous makeup and skin care from Perricone (this is my favourite PerricodeMD product), Mary Kay, Goldfaden MD (I don’t have this product but it is high on my wish list after testing it out!) and more. I spent the entire day with Amanda from Blog Beauties and Rachel from The Insider Daily and we headed for a lovely lunch which was then followed with a bottle of wine, or two… Amanda had evening plans but shortly after she left we were joined by Kellie from Let them have Fashion. A pretty fabulous day out!

Zara Leather jacket // Similar here
Zara Blouse // Similar here
Zara Jeans // Similar here
V by Very Boots // Shop here
Louis Vuitton bag // Similar here


I was thrilled to get invited to an afternoon tea with Benefit Cosmetics and just had to wear two of the only pink things because they have the PINKEST events ever. This High(brow) tea was to launch their #RaiseABrow campaign which is their charity activity in April. Every brow treatment benefits two amazing Irish charities, Look Good Feel Better and DaisyHouse. They have also launched an ALL PINK charity shop on South William Street in Dublin which is open April 5th- 8th and I will be volunteering this Friday at 2pm so if you are around do pop in for the chats!!! For more information on this campaign click here.

River Island Jacket // Similar here
H&M Blouse // Similar here
Zara Jeans // Similar here
River Island Boots // Similar here
Vivienne Westwood bag // Similar here


Do not adjust your screen, I am wearing blue jeans, not black! This was St Patrick’s Day and I was heading to my parents for brunch in my favourite Zara ruffle jumper, my new Primark jeans which are extremely comfortable and strecthy and my bargain espadrilles from Carvela (€20). I later had to pop back home and put on a coat with a hood and ankle boots because the sun disappeared and the rain came out after lunch and stayed for the night. I ended up in Ranelagh enjoying drinks with friends and avoiding the Paddys day madness in town.

Zara jumper // Shop here
Primark Jeans // Similar her
Carvela Shoes // Shop here


My actual uniform! I discovered these sweatpants in Penneys and they only cost €6 and are the comfiest things I own. I am planning on popping back in and just stocking up on several pairs and any more colours they might have.

I swapped leather jackets this month, does anyone else have almost identical biker jackets but one is heavier/ warmer for winter and a lightweight version for Spring/ Summer? This jacket was a birthday gift from my sisters last year but it is still available in Zara.

Zara biker // Shop here
Forever 21 stripe tee // Similar here
Primark sweatpants // Similar here
Nike roshe runners // Shop here
Primark backpack // Similar here
Ray Ban aviators // Shop here


I am so happy that the weather is warm enough to wear my cape coat! This was a serious bargain from Missguided winter sale but I have only worn it a handful of times because it is sleeveless and I hate being cold. Ironically I was pretty sick with a head-cold when I took this picture but I was only leaving the house for two hours and I had a giant scarf that I put on before I walked out the door.

Missguided Cape // Similar here
Forever 21 stripe tee // Similar here
Hollister Jeans // Shop here
ASOS boots // Similar here
Louis Vuitton bag // Similar here


I did have one night out last month where I got dressed up in heels and lots of makeup but I have zero photographic evidence so for all you know I could be lying! Anyway, I am pretty excited for the warmer weather of April and I although I am writing this in an all black look, I did consider wearing colour today so you might see more colour over here next month.

Have a great month and check back here in a couple of days for a beauty post!

Stay stylish,

*This post does contain affiliate links, to learn more click here* 


Now that Spring is here I have lightened my hair ever so slightly. Check out my DIY Balayage technique here and get sun-kissed hair for Summer. 



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