Instagood February 2017 | A look back on a great month!

January felt like the longest month, while February felt like it was only a week long! I know it is the shortest month of the year anyway, but it just flew by so quick.

I had a pretty busy month with two 30ths, a day out with my mum, a black tie dinner and a lot of DIY in my house. I have put together some of my favourite moments from February which you can check out below.



What a difference a few hours make. Sometimes you need a matcha latte and other times you need a large gin (below). I am not usually a gin drinker, and this evening failed to convert me. Usually you will find me with a glass of pinot gregio or a vodka soda lime (Basic Bitch Level 10)

My favourite indulgence these days has to be fresh flowers. The beautiful orange roses brought a gorgeous pop of colour to my grey toned sitting room. As much as I would love to be gifted flowers weekly/bi weekly, flowers make me so happy that I love buying them for myself. It also makes grocery shopping a little less dreary when you can pick out a bunch of flowers!


All the makeup! I had spent the entire weekend painting and building IKEA furniture so this was the first bit of glamour in a while. I didn’t hold back and use my all time favourite products for a full face.

Once caked I put on my favourite ruffle sleeve jumper from Zara, my leopard coat that my mum is obsessed with and my go to black jeans. I was spending the day with my mum and as she got me this coat for Christmas I knew she would appreciate seeing me wear it, also I actually love it and it brings such a fun element to any look!

I was spending the day with my mum, Conor’s mum and her sister, so a really fun girls day out. We started with Champagne in Powerscourt hotel and ended it with a live filming of Dancing with the Stars. This was the first time I watched this show and I was actually really impressed with the production and seeing everything from behind the scenes.


NEW MIRROR! All of my hard work finally paid off and I now have a gorgeous glam room. You can check out every corner of my glam room here.

My new skin obsession! I was very kindly gifted this moisturiser from Kiehl’s and my sensitive skin has reacted so well to it. I am usually nervous about trying new creams, especially one that appears to be a little heavy. This cream is 99.6% natural and it has honestly been leaving my skin super soft and and hydrated. I have noticed a big difference in my skin’s texture after only a month of using it. The only thing I will say is that you need to work this cream in your hands until it turns white before you apply it to your face and a little goes a very long way! Shop here.



If you are not new to my blog than you are probably sick to death of seeing my rose gold Nike cortez runners, but I am just obsessed. This pair of shoes genuinely make me so happy! These days I cannot get out of my runners but I am excited for the warmer months when I can slip back into sandals and summery shoes. Shop here.


You are guaranteed to see a smile on my face if you take me for food. Conor and I had a low key date night and indulged in the biggest burger from Five Guys. This is only my second time here but I cannot tell you how yum this food is! Conor and I used to eat at Five Guys all the time when we lived in Las Vegas and we always reminisce about that year when we indulge in their giant burgers.

NEW HAIR DON’T CARE. I went for the chop this month and I am obsessed with my short hair. The front is a little longer than the back which gives the appearance of length, but it is so easy to manage and style. The only downside is that I cannot tie my hair up anymore, as I am left with a curtain looking strip of hair around my neck when I try tie my hair in a bun or pony. It only really affects me when I go for a jog/ workout but other than that it is so low maintenance and amazing.

Also my new jacket from River Island is AMAZING!! I am obsessed and I have gotten a lot of compliments on it. Get ready to be sick of the sight of this jacket because I will wear it to death in the coming months. Shop here.


I had not seen my friend Cady since before Christmas so we decided we needed a brunch date, but why do brunch when you can do bottomless brunch?! We headed to Beef & Lobster where everything is Beef or Lobster or both and a crazy amount of rosinis. After brunch we joined my friend Deborah for her 30th birthday and indulged in some more bubbly drinks to toast her.


Always reppin the repeal and on this day I was also rocking an orange lip from Benefit (Flame Game). I love an orange lip and I think has the weather brightens I will be wearing this lippie alot! What I really enjoy about this colour is that I can keep the rest of my makeup really simple and the lips do all the talking.


I have serious shoe envy right now. I found these slick grey suede and camel leather Adidas trainers in the men’s section but they don’t come in women’s sizes. Conor ended up buying them and they just look so cool every time he wears them! Shop here.

I’m a little teapot! I had to wear this Zara ruffle jumper once again this month, and to show off just how gorgeous the sleeves are I had to pose like a teapot, but I am fine with it.

Conor’s dad was hosting a black tie dinner in February so we got all dolled up for a night of great food and some chat on pensions (which flew right over my head!). Although this was a black tie dinner, it wasn’t something I felt comfortable getting really dressed up for. This dress from Boohoo was perfect and the best part was the price (€35!). Shop here.


Even more flowers, this time they were bought for me though! Conor got me a giant bouquet for Valentine’s day that had lilies and lots of different coloured roses. The roses lasted just over a week but by that time the lilies were just opening, so I got almost 3 weeks from one bouquet.

One of my besties celebrated her birthday at the end of the month so the heels were coming out. Although I wore all black, I wanted to mix as many textures as possible so I wore a leather jacket, a beaded cami and faux suede trousers (which feel like leggings are unbelievavly comfortable). To shop this look click here. 

My woman crush all day everyday is my girl Greta. Before heading to town she came to mine for some prosecco and a tour of my new glam room (see tour here).

The month wrapped up with pancake tuesday and while I was picking up the essentials (Nutella obvs!) I also treated myself to a fresh bunch of flowers, I have an addiction at this point, but I am fine with it.


That is my February, obviously these are just a ew highlights and if you would like to keep up with my day to day goings on you can follow my instagram and instastory by clicking here.

I hope you are having a fabulous month and I will see you back here for  a new post very soon!!

Until next time,



Click here to see all of my style moments from February. 



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