February Insta-Style 2017

February is such a funny month when it comes to dressing. The world tricks you into thinking it’s time to break out florals and delicate lace but the truth is that it’s still bloody freezing and all the cute Spring pieces your wearing will be hidden under a giant coat.

I stayed wrapped up this month, but tried to keep things stylish too. Check out my favourite outfits from February, which includes a dress for the first time in absolutely ages!!!



I started the month with a trip to Brown Thomas, standard for me… just kidding. My friend Naomi needed a fabulous dress so I was there to provide an honest opinion. We found a gorgeous Self Portrait dress for her and I took a poorly lit outfit selfie in the fitting rooms.

Coat // ASOS // Similar here
Jumper // Zara // Shop here
Jeans // Hollister // Shop here
Shoes // Nike // Shop here
Bag // Mulberry // Similar here
Sunglasses // Rayban // Similar here


I feel like I am cheating the world when I wear my Kenzo x H&M sweatshirt, it has the comfort of sweats but looks a little more pulled together. I may keep an eye out for a Kenzo sweatshirt in the Summer sales, theres no way I could pay full price for one.

Sweatshirt // Kenzo x H&M // Similar here
Jeans // Hollister // Similar here
Shoes // Nike // Shop here


A sunday well spent…. I am rarely out of leggings on a Sunday but on this particular weekend I was heading to the Powerscourt Hotel with my mum, Conor’s mum and her sister for drinks and then onto a filming of Dancing with the stars, a really fun and unusual ladies day out.

Coat // Zara // Similar here
Sweater // Zara // Shop here
Jeans // Hollister // Shop here
Boots // River Island // Similar here


Happy Valentine’s Day! I was not going on a hot date, rather building furniture for my new dressing room (see that post here). I embraced the builder look with my check shirt which is actually from the men’s section at H&M. You may notice in two pictures time that I cut my hair and although I love my LOB, I actually miss being able to tie my hair in top knot like this.

Shirt // H&M // Similar here
Jeans // Hollister // Shop here
Shoes // Nike // Shop here


NEW MIRROR, if you have not see the post on my new dressing room you can check it out by clicking here. This outfit is just so standards, so much so that I am almost wearing this exact look right now as I type.

Sweater // Zara // Shop here
Jeans // Hollister // Shop here
Boots // River Island // Similar here
Bag // Louis Vuitton // Similar here



New hair, who’s this?! I feel so refreshed after chopping off half my hair. I was going to hold off until Spring but I felt the ends of my hair were really dead and styling my hair was becoming a real pain in the ass.

Coat // Missguided // Similar here
Sweater // Primark // Similar here
Leather Trousers // Zara // Similar here
Shoes // Nike // Shop here
Bag // Mulberry // Similar here


Do you believe in fate? Well this jacket was meant to be in my life! I had swooned over it for a while online and on a recent browse through River Island I spotted one on a rail. It was a size 10, my size and I had a voucher for River Island to put towards it. What made it fate was that this store didn’t even stock that jacket, it had been purchased online and returned to the store. OK so maybe fate/ meant to be is a little strong, but I am very happy to have it in my life.

Jacket // River Island // Shop here
Blouse // H&M // Similar here
Jeans // Zara // Shop here
Boots // River Island // Similar here
Bag // Vivienne Westwood // Similar here


The second most worn item I own (after my dressing gown) I love when comfortable clothes are chic and advocate for the rights of women.

Sweatshirt // Repeal Project // Shop here



Oh hello again ruffles. This jumper will be worn to death soon, I just want to wear it all the time! My teapot stance is to show off the full extent of the ruffle sleeves. I wore this look to the Littlewoods Spring/ Summer fashion show, which was incredible.

Sweater // Zara // Shop here
Jeans // Zara // Shop here


Can you beieve this little black number cost โ‚ฌ35?! I was heading to a black tie dinner this month and of course I had to wear all black, what’s new?! The best part is that I felt really comfortable in this dress, unfortuntelyt I cannot say the same for the shoes.

Dress // Boohoo // Shop here
Shoes // Christian Louboutin // Similar here
Bag // Littlewoods // Similar here


Last but not least, the month comes full circle when I am heading out to celebrate Naomi’s birthday and she is wearing the dress I helped her find at the beginning of the month. I went for all black and tried to mix up textures as much a possible, the jacket is leather, the top is chiffon with beads and the trousers are a faux suede.

Jacket // Zara // Shop here
Top // Topshop // Similar here
Trousers // Zara // Similar here
Bag // Littlewoods // Similar here
Shoes // Zara // Similar here


I hope you had a stylish February, and that March is off to a brilliant start for you.

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Stay stylish,


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If you want to check out my new dressing room, you can do so by clicking here.ย 


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