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Last month I undertook the task of pulling together my sanctuary at home and I am so excited to share it with you today. When Conor and I moved into our house in October we both agreed (Conor needed a little pursuasion) that I should take the smaller bedroom for my dressing room as our bedroom would become really cluttered if we both kept our wardrobes in there along with my vanity. I prefer having a peaceful and clutter-free bedroom and seeing as I have accumilated so much stuff over the past 29 years of my life, our bedroom would have been a disaster. It is just the two of us in the house, so nobody else would be using that room anyway.

The house we moved into is pretty old and needs a lot of work done. This room is a total DIY job and although I would have loved to strip the wallpaper and start the room from scratch, at the moment I don’t have the budget. I think I spent under €350 in this room transformation as I only had to buy two pieces of furniture and a 5l tin of white paint (basic white from Dulux) and some rollers.

Firstly let me share with your what the room looked like before the transformation. It was bright blue so I knew straight away I wanted to paint it white. The plan was to really just paint the room, remove the beaded curtains and bring in some new furniture. I didn’t have the budget for a new carpet but luckily this beige one isn’t too offensive to me.




It is the smallest bedroom of 3, but it is not a tiny room. It also has a small built in closet (above) that needs a bit of fixing up, but for now it has it’s uses. In the future I may re-shelve it for better storage.

Now let’s have a look at how it has changed.





On the right hand side of the room I have my vanity desk.

Desk is MALM from IKEA €100, I have owned this for a few years now and I know it is a blogger favourite as it has a large pull out drawer that you can stuff with gorgeous beauty products. I keep my day to day essentials on my desk, and in my drawer I have skincare along with tonnes of lipsticks, eyeshadows, palettes, highlighters, powders and more. I need to get some better in drawer organisers, but for the moment I have been using things like lunch boxes, trays and even Laduree boxes to separate my products.

Chair is TERJE from IKEA and it is €14. Not the most comfortable chair and I am planning on investing in a more luxurious swivel office chair but this will do just fine for now.

IKEA drawer set under the desk for more beauty storage, I cannot find it on the website but I think it cost around €15 when I bought it last year. This is where I keep face masks, body creams, false tans and my hair styling tools along with some miscellaneous items like makeup bags and extra cotton pads. I think in the future I will replace this with the mini set of MALM or ALEX drawers as the slightly sheer drawers make the area look a little messier.

My laundry basket is a pop up storage item I found on a recent trip to Penneys/ Primark and again I think this may have been about €6. They did have a few prints and patterns but I went for the black and white.

Above my desk is a built in shelving unit where I keep my hair products, nail polishes, sunglasses, watches and a few pictures.


My copper mirror was a recent M&S find, for €27. I also keep a magnifying mirror on my desk for close up makeup application like liquid liner and brows.

My lotions are up first, to remove makeup I always have some Garnier Micellar water close by. After cleansing and exfoliating I love to use an essence so I keep some Body Shop and Lancome lotions close by. I tend to keep liquids on the desk just incase they leaked in the drawer.


Other essentails I keep close by are:

My storage:
I found an acrylic remote control holder on eBay and thought it would make an ideal brush holder. It is designed to hold 6 remotes, which gives me 6 sections for brushes. The front two sections are my favourite face and eye brushes.

The two drawers below are from Muji and this is where I store a lot of my face products such as primer, foundation, concealer etc.



Next up I have my favourite lipsticks in an acrylic holder. Again this is an eBay find and it fits 24 lipsticks.


These are my current 4 favourite lipsticks and they’re all nude/ nude pinks.

  1. Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder – Brazilian Nude (seems to be sold out everywhere)
  2. Charlotte Tilburry- Secret Salma
  3. Urban Decay – Backtalk
  4. The Balm- Mai Billsbepaid



These palettes should be kept in the drawer but I reach for them every single day so they just stay on my desk now. I am actually hoping to find a chic letter holder or something that I could stack these palettes up on. If you know of any cute palette storage solutions please let me know in the comments below.

  1. Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette– this is my all time favourite eyeshadow palette, I actually do use every colour, although some get used a lot more than others.
  2. Charlotte Tilburry Bronze & Glow– the most flattering contour and highlight palette ever. Not only is the packaging divine, the pigment and shade of the products are perfection.
  3. Benefit Cheekathon- All the bronzers and blushes you could ever need. See my full review on this palette here.


My keys and cards are always on my desk, along with my headphones as when I come in the door I usually come straight up to this room to change into a comfy tracksuit and my robe. I need a little dish or plate to store all of my essentials together, so when I am heading out the door everything is in one place. I really like this faux marble tray from Dunnes Stores so I’ll keep an eye out for it on my next trip to Cornelscourt.


These little brush holders from Penneys are so good! They snap together to make a great brush holder for when you travel. When I am not travelling I use them to store a lot of pencils, lip liners, mascaras and more. For some of my shorter pencils and products like brow gel I use them emptt plastic pots from my glycolic pads, you can see that in the right hand side of this picture.


I also use one of these brush holders to keep my Benefit They’re Real lipsticks. I really adore these lipsticks, they have two shades to them that give the lips an ombre look making your lips appear fuller, so smart! My day to day favourite is Nude Scandal.


In the closet next to my vanity I keep mainly my coats/ jackets along with my scarves, hats, gloves and a couple of big bags that I couldn’t store anywhere else. This small closet needs a makeover, but that is now at the end of my to-do list.


Back to the door and there hangs the most worn item I own- my super fluffy robe from Robes 4 I honestly wear this daily, even when I am fully dressed I’ll just throw this on over my outfit while I potter around the house and work from home to keep extra cosy. I am a sucker for anything that has my name on it, but this robe is so much fluffier than any others I have owned.

One thing I really want for this room is a door mat reminding me to turn off my straightener. I have a couple of post it notes stuck up around the room to remind me, but a matt would be a lot more chic. I found this one on My Shining Armour.


To the left of the room is the DOMBAS wardrobe from IKEA is €80 and this was one of the new items I needed to buy.

Along the top I have lined up my favourite dressy shoes. I used to keep my heels in their boxes but I would genuinely forget that I owned them, out of site out of mind. My collection includes highlights from Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, YSL and of course Zara!


Inside the double doors of the wardrobe there is a clothes rail. Since moving house I have seriously downsized my wardrobe but I know there are still a few bits in my mum’s house which I dread trying to fit in here. I think I’ll have to pop a few more things on my Depop to make space.


Under the clothes rail I have a three tier shoe rack. These shoes are pairs that I do wear, but not too often. I have a lot of my Summer shoes here like flat sandals and espadrilles along with high heel ankle boots that would only really be worn on nights out. I also have my over the knee boots here because I have nowhere else to keep them!


In the single door there are a few shelves that store some more casual pieces. Top row is a lot of my knitwear that I am currently storing by rolling up. It doesn’t look super neat but I can actually see everything I have this way, when usually some pieces would be hidden under the pile.


Next I have my jeans, one stack is grey, khaki, taupe, burgundy and denim, the other stack is just black. I still have some jeans in my mums but there is plenty of room here for more pairs. I should probably stop buying black jeans for a while and maybe look for more Spring/ Summer styles like light denim.

Below I have some of my favourite bags. My big black Louis Vuitton is used daily so it rarely sits in here, but the rest of the bags are worn weekends and nights out.


At the bottom I have my daily shoes that include 4 pairs of Nike runners, a pair of UGG boots ( I wear them around the house and maybe to the shops, but I will always have love for my UGGs!) and a pair of black ankle boots.


In the last corner of my room is the MALM drawer set €90, again I have had this a few years and it stores the rest of my clothes.

The top two drawers are for underwear/ socks etc. Next I keep tees and casual tops. Then I have gym clothes (that drawer doesn’t get much action) then tracksuits/ leggings and finally my PJs.



The top of this drawer set holds my perfumes, some of my jewellery and a few books.


The other piece I purchased for this room was this giant mirror, IKEA HOVET €100. This is HUGE and is perfect for all my outfit selfies.

Below it I have the faux sheepskin rug from IKEA TEJN €12.


There you have it, you have pretty much been a guest in my home and received the grand tour of my dressing room. It is still a work in progress, but I am really happy with it right now and the rest of the updates will be minor.

I do realise I am totally spoiled with having my own dressing room, especially as at home with Mum & Dad I had the smallest room in the house and never had enough storage. I am going to enjoy this room while I have it and it really has become my sanctuary. I like to blog here, watch some Netflix and of course do my makeup, tanning, hair etc.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my home and it possibly gave you some organising inspiration.

Stay stylish,

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