Valentine’s Gift Guide for Her (or ME!) 2017

Christmas was about a month ago, which means I am having gift withdrawals! Just kidding… kind of. Anyway Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I just love love love making wish lists of gorgeous little gifts that I would love to receive, and hopefully you like them too!


For some people Valentine’s Day is a big deal and for others not so much. I am somewhere in the middle where I acknowledge the day but I keep things low-key. Conor and I have been together for 6 years so we have done all sorts of Valentine’s day celebrations including trips away and amazing dinners but I think this year I would be so happy to stay in and get a lovely takeaway and watch cheesy movies.

For my single gals this can be a great opportunity to treat yourself or your bestie or even your mum. Obviously Valentine’s day is marketed towards couples but I still get little gifts from my Mum and cards from a ‘secret admirer’ (who happens to share her handwriting) so take this opportunity to let someone know you love them.  In the wise words of Carrie Bradshaw:

“Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates and guys are just people to have fun with.”


Whether you are buying for your other half, your bestie or yourself, I have some AMAZING gifts for all budgets. Check out my top picks below.


Valentines gift guide 2017

Shop all gifts by clicking here. 

  1. Missguided Satin PJ set: I adore satin pjs and although I would probably have these wrecked with fake tan pretty quickly, they are so sweet! This is the perfect gift for someone who loves their bed and likes to sleep in style. €42 shop here.
  2. Charlotte Tilburry Lipstick: What girl doesn’t love a pretty lipstick? The Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks have a fabulous colour range, are amazing quality and the packaging is just so pretty! €30 shop here.
  3. Jo Loves Candle: Hands up if you know someone obsessed with lighting candles. I keep tonnes of Ikea candles around the house but always have a fancy one handy when I want to feel a little indulgent. I love the sound of salted caramel. €85 shop here.
  4. Benefit Feeling Dandy kit: If your girl loves makeup then I don’t think you can do better in price and quality than Benefit. This Feeling Dandy kit includes four products and a brush! €30 shop here.
  5. Kenzo Leather Bag: Little bags are just my life these days, and there are some fabulous luxury brands with small bags for good prices. This Kenzo bag is a splurge, but for a leather designer bag I think it is good value. €265 shop here.
  6. Daniel Wellington Watch: I adore classic and simple watches, I have even been known to ‘borrow’ Conor’s watches that look quite similar to this one. I really like the rose gold details on this watch, but the range comes in lots of metal leather colour combination. $229 shop here.
  7. Quay Australia Sunglasses: I am a sunglass lover and always keep a pair in my bag (yes right now I have some in my bag even though it is so cold and dull out). I love the Quay line and this pair are particularly fabulous with the marble effect and rose gold lenses. €33.33 Shop here.
  8. Gucci cardholder: I recently raved about cute card holders in a blog post (read here) and how I feel like my bag has been totally decluttered since picking one up. I love this Gucci one and it is a great way of buying into a luxury brand at a slightly more affordable price than a bag. Shop here.
  9. Nails Inc Gel Polish Set: This is the perfect gift for someone who loves having their nails did, I adore the pastel shades they are perfect for Spring! If your love prefers having gels or acrylics why not book her in for a manicure at her favourite salon? €35 Shop here.
  10. Chanel Mademoiselle Perfume: When in doubt, give Chanel! This is still my all time favourite female scent in the world, and I am currently all out!!! Well I do have the body spray to but this is a really special luxury fragrance for me. €60+ Shop here.
  11. Nike Rose Gold Cortez: I got these runners at Christmas and I have barely taken them off! They are my fun and sassy shoes that can totally make an outfit, while feeling incredibly comfortable. TIP if you are a size 5.5uk or smaller you can get these in the kids section and save about €30. €86.66 Shop here.
  12. Astrid & Miyu Rose Gold Initial Bracelet: I am a sucker for anything with my name or initials, which is why I’ve been lusting after so many pieces from the Astrid & Miyu collection. €73 Shop here.


I would also like to add that it really is the thought that counts. Lavish and extravagant gifts are great but a pretty bouquet of flowers from Lidl/ Aldi/ Tesco etc, a home cooked meal or even drawing someone a bath are all fantastic gestures. Showing you care and love someone is the main thing, it doesn’t matter how much you want to or can spend.


I hope you have a fabulous Valentine’s day and you can expect a new post coming to the blog very soon!


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