Back at the Gym in style

So the headline may have been a little misleading… I am not actually back at the gym just yet. I have been easing myself into a healthier lifestyle by focusing on my diet right now and going for walks and light activity.

Before the month is out I do plan on re-joining the gym and as a ‘pat on the back’ I also plan on treating myself to some new workout wear. I have been looking around for some nice pieces and I tend to find it quite difficult to get good workout wear at affordable prices. The cheaper I go the less likely it is that the sports bra will give the support I want and the leggings will be squat proof. A few months ago I was kindly gifted two pieces from the Red Herring collection at Debenhams and I was so impressed with the quality and couldn’t believe how affordable the range is.

Pay day this month will see me visit Debenhams in Blackrock to pick up some new workout wear and eventually walk the 1.5 minutes around the corner from my house and sign up to gym.

If you are in the same boat as me, I have gathered up some of the really gorgeous pieces that Debenhams have to offer, perfect for working out this January.



Click here to shop my favourite pieces.Β 


I hope to be back on my fitness/ health quest as the year continues, but I am easing myself into it as I have found in the past that if I try to achieve too much too quickly I ultimately fail.

If you have any food and fitness tips for me I would love to hear from you in the comments below.


Stay stylish,

Signature 1



Improving my fitness is only one of my goals for 2017, if you want to see what else I hope to achieve you can click here.Β 


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