It’s the Little Things | Card Holders

If you are looking to downsize your bag than this post could be exactly what you need to read right now. Last year these chic and cheerful card holders came back in style and I was thrilled about it. I wasn’t sure if this would be a fad but it seems like women everywhere are downsizing their bags and enjoy carrying the bare essentials over bulky wallets.


My first card holder was a designer treat, a friend of mine got me orange DVF card holder (Shop here) through a friend that worked there and I was instantly hooked. The bright orange over time got a little grubby and I eventually switched to a chic black monogram one from HA designs (Shop here).


I love that I can run out the door with my phone, keys and cardholder and go bag free when necessary. I usually have my Visa debit card, Driving License, Leap Card (travel card) and, what says more about me than I care to acknowledge, my Boots advantage card. From time to time I will have gift cards, business cards on me also.


My Alexander McQueen wallet hasn’t been taken out in months, in fact I only brought it down to my new house this month even though I had moved in back in October. That is how much I don’t need a bulky wallet now. I usually carry a small coin purse with if I have a bag and that is where I will keep my cash/ coins but I mainly pay with card these cards.

Another thing I love about card holders is that it can be a much more affordable to own a piece from your favourite luxury brand. I may not be able to buy a brand new YSL bag, but a small leather card holder is a fraction of the price.

I have gathered my favourite card holders below, and have found something for every budget, whether you want to spend a few euro or go all out with a few hundred, there is something for you here. Click on the image to shop these gorgeous little leather goods.


Happy Shopping,

Signature 1


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