2017 Goals

I am a little late to the party as January is well and truly underway, but better late than never right?! I am not usually a new years resolution type of gal, I think January can be a tough enough month as it is without depriving yourself of guilty pleasures.

This year I have decided to write down and share my goals with the hope that it encourages me to achieve them. In an ideal world I will check back in on this post next December and have ticked each box. Some of my goals are pretty standard, some are small, some are a little selfish and others are just strange but I will be very happy if I manage to achieve just some of these goals.



  1. Pass my driving test. Although I can drive I have only sat my test once and I failed. I have yet to reapply, however I would like to pass my driving test and get my full license in 2017. Preferably before I turn 30 in August so I can say I got my license in my 20s ๐Ÿ˜‰ Driving has never been a big part of my life, but now that I have moved out and no longer have access to a car 24/7 (I am still insured on my mums and can use it on weekends etc.) I would really like that independence of owning my own car and having a full license. This year I will focus on the license, maybe next year I can work on buying the car.
  2. Treat Myself. Speaking of my 30th in August, I have decided I would like to mark the occasion with an investment piece. I would ideally like to purchase a classic Chanel bag that I would keep forever to mark the year, but I have not 100% decided. I have wanted a Chanel 2.55 bag for as long as I can remember but I have never been able to justify the price tag (If you didn’t know these bags are โ‚ฌ4,000 + and get more expensive over time, so I may be looking at some pre-owned options). I think my 30th is a good excuse to spoil myself, and rather than gifts or a party I can ask my boyfriend and parents contribute towards the bag so that it has even more sentimental value. This is the type of bag that I could wear until my dying day, and always associate with this year of my life. Fingers crossed I manage to save up by August.
  3. Save Smart. Speaking of saving up, I am not financially responsible at all. I am the type of person that spends every penney in my account each and every month and my savings account gets no action. This year I would like to become a little more financially responsible and learn to walk by Zara without cracking open my wallet, save smart and spend even smarter. This will probably be the hardest of my goals because I am so bad with money.
  4. Become a DIY Queen. Our house is about 60 years old and needs a lot of TLC, and Conor and I are trying to take on as much of the work as possible to save some money. Of course we are hiring electrictions and builders for big jobs, I am not about to mess around with electrical wires and stuff, but I want to learn how to drill and build and sand etc. So far we have taken on painting and building furniture and there really is a feeling of satisfaction when a job is completed and you know how hard you worked. The next job I want to take on is freeing the wooden floors in our sitting room from the ugliest burgundy carpet, and sanding and varnishing the floors. Hopefully I will have a lot of DIY home posts coming your way throughout 2017.
  5. Travel Often. This is probably the most unrealistic goal as all my money will be tied up in our house, savings account and my new bag but I also want to travel. Last year I only left Ireland once, but it was to go to NYC which was pretty epic. Other than that I had a couple of Irish mini breaks. This year I have to visit Rotterdam as my sister just moved there for college and I would also love to get some sunshine with Conor. As much as I would love to visit somewhere exotic such as Bali I would be thrilled to go on a package holiday to Spain just to get a little sunshine and a lot of relaxation.
  6. Capture real moments. 2016 was all about capturing posed and manicured moments, in 2017 I want to document real life. I don’t have a proper camera so that is something I would eventually like to invest in, but for now I want to be more mindful of taking pictures and videos of real moments on my iPhone. I am not saying that my instagram will suddenly become a no filter zone, but just for my own collection and memories I would love to have moments with friends and family where we are happy and laughing rather than posing. When I am 80 I don’t think I will enjoy looking back at my food pics or coffee cups, I will want to see fun photos of my loved ones.
  7. Grow my Business. Ok so how am I going to fund all of this? I am a business co-owner (The Link Marketing) and since launching two years ago we have continued to grow steadily. This year I want to take it even further and I have set goals, which I am not going to share here as it’s all about money and that can be a little crass. So far setting up this business is one of the best decisions I have ever made and although it has had its difficult moments, the highs are incredible and I can’t see myself doing anything else.
  8. Get healthy or whatever. Sure isn’t that just everyones goal all the time?! I have a big motivator right now and that is how much weight I have put on in recent months. Since Conor and I moved into our house I have been eating so much crap. Usually I wouldn’t have that much chocolate or treats in my kitchen because if I don’t have it in my cabinet, I cannot be tempted to eat it. Conor LOVES having treats all the time, there are fizzy drinks in the fridge, crisps and cookies in the cabinets and random bags gummy sweets around the house. This month I am trying to cut back on my sugar intake and get back into a healthier diet without all the treats. As the year continues on I will set myself more goals in relation to diet and exercise, but if I set myself too tough of a challenge this month than I will probably fail miserably.
  9. Learn to Cook. Linked with the goal above, my cooking skills are quite limited and I rely on M&S prepackaged dinners more often than I care to admit. This year I would love to try and learn a new dish every couple of weeks that I can create using fresh ingredients and make from scratch. I actually do enjoy cooking when the mood hits, but when I have had a long day I usually just want to throw something in the oven and walk away. If you have any simple and tasty recipes to get me started please let me know in the comments below. I feel guilty about not cooking too much as I have a brand new oven, a slow cooker and I would only be cooking for the two of us rather than a large family.

12 months is a long time, although it feels like 2016 flew in so quickly. As I mentioned before I would be delighted to achieve all of these goals in 2017, but I will be impressed with myself if I can tick a couple of the boxes above. Do you share any of these goals with me? Or can you offer me tips to achieving them this year? Please let me know in the comments.


Here is to a wonderful 2017! until next time,

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I shared my first DIY Interiors post a few months ago when I upcycled this bedside locker. Check it out here.ย 


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