Christmas Gift Guide for Him

Christmas Shopping for the men in my life is usually an absolute pain. All I can say is that I am so happy I grew up with two sisters as shopping for guys is not as easy as ladies, in my opinion.

I have been writing lists for a few weeks now to buy for Conor, his brother (who I have for kris kindle) and of course my dad, who is the hardest person to shop for ever!

After a lot of browsing I have found some seriously amazing gifts, that some of the guys in my life may be receiving this December 25th!

Anyway take a look below and see what I am loving this Christmas for guys.



Shop all gifts here. 


  1. Every guy loves a decorative key ring right?! OH WAIT this is actually a USB iPhone charger! Conor is one of those people who is always on 30% or less so I think this little key ring would be the handiest gift ever (to be honest I would love this myself!) . Shop here.
  2. I love a gorgeous knit. AllSaints do menswear really well and I think a classic round neck knit is a wardrobe essential for everyone, not just the guys. Shop here.
  3. I am like a dog with a bone when it comes to this fragrance. It is ridiculously expensive, but is my favourite smell in the world. When Conor wears this I can smell him before I see him, and it is incredible. Shop here.
  4. I recently ditched my bulky wallet for a sleek card holder and it is so handy! I now know why men have been carry their cards and cash so lightly all this time. This simple black Alexander McQueen card holder is really elegant and unbelievably handy. Shop here.
  5. I love classic sunglasses, and I like be a little cheeky and get Conor a pair that I can borrow from time to time. I don’t think you can go wrong with a pair of black Ray Ban wayfarers, the epitome of cool for me. Shop here.
  6. It may just be the guys in my life, but none of them have ever gone out and bought themselves a good Winter scarf as far as I’m aware. I think a beautiful classic scarf can make a Winter look, while also being really cosy. Shop here.
  7. I love these old school Hamberg Adidas originals, they are perfect for an everyday shoe. Shop here.
  8. This is gift suitable for pretty much any man, unless he is a beard grower. I love this old school shaving set from Not on the High Street, it is sure to add a touch of glamour to your bathroom, and is a lot more aesthetically pleasing than a standard razor. Shop here.
  9. A sleek marble charging dock is not just nice to look at, but also super practical. This can be kept at his bedside or desk and again if I got this for Conor I would totally borrow it all the time! Shop here.


Christmas may not be all about gifts, but there is an incredible feeling when you gift someone something that you know they love. I hope this gift guide has helped inspire you find the perfect gift for someone you love!

Happy shopping!

Until next time,

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If you are looking for a gorgeous gift for the beauty lover in your life, you have got to click here! 








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