Gift List for the Beauty Lover

It is that time of year again, some people have completed their Christmas shopping, while the rest of us are searching all around to find the perfect gifts for our loved one.


This post is dedicated to Beauty and I wanted to find some really fabulous gifts that I would personally adore, or would love to give to someone. Almost all of these gifts I have, or I have tried or I have something similar from the brand, so I can give a genuine recommendation.


  1. Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow: Santa brought me this gorgeous little set last Christmas and I have been blown away by it. First of all the packaging is stunning, all of Charlotte’s pieces have an old hollywood glamour look set in gold. Secondly, both powders are divine! The bronze is cool and so flattering on, and the glow really does give a gorgeous glow. Shop here.Β 
  2. Kiehl’s Jeremyville Limited Edition Skin Care set: I am a huge fan of Kiehl’s but I have not had a chance to try as many of the products as I would like as they can be quite expensive. This little set is ideal to try out more of the products, especially the Midnight Recover Oil which I have heard INCREDIBLE things about. Shop set here.
  3. Diptyque Jasmin Candle: Ok it doesn’t really matter what scent you go for, these are the most luxurious candles you can invest in, investment being the key word there, as these candles ain’t cheap! Shop here.
  4. Artis Brush Set: I was so generously gifted the number 6 brush for my birthday by my gorgeous girl Greta and I fell in love with it! I would love to get my hands on more of these brushes, but boy will they cost you a pretty penny. The brush sets are better value, but you can also order these brushes individually. Shop here.
  5. Jo Malone Fragrance: I love love love my peonies and blush suede perfume from Jo Malone, but it is a more spring/ summer scent. For Winter I adore this Pomegranate Noir scent for Winter. Shop here.
  6. Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Naked Palette: Since getting my grubby mitts on this eyeshadow set last month I have not but it down. I can create natural day looks, dramatic night looks and I even painted myself as a skull with it for Halloween. This is the type of palette that you will want if you already collect eyeshadow palettes, but it is also the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t buy a lot of makeup but likes to look glam. This palette is so versatile and the colour are gorgeous and flattering. Shop here.
  7. The Balm Meet Matte Hughes set: I have been a fan of The Balm for a really long time, but only just tried out the Meet Matte Hughes liquid lipsticks. The quality of these products are amazing, and they are a great alternative to someone who hasn’t been able to get their hands on a Kylie lip kit. Shop here.
  8. The Oils of Life Ultimate Skincare Collection: I have just started using this exact set and my skin is loving me for it. Winter is quite drying and tough on skin so I like to switch things up this time of year. What I really love is the facial massager included that makes me feel like my skin is lifted and a little plumper. Shop here.
  9. Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Charms x3: A couple of years ago my mum bought this set and gave myself and my two sisters one of these lipsticks each. We all loved it, these tiny lipsticks are so cute they can fit on your key ring and of course they are the perfect quality you can expect from Charlotte Tilbury. Shop here.


Those are my top gifts for beauty lovers this Christmas, and I hope you felt inspired and found a fabulous present for someone you love. What would you love to find under the tree this Christmas? Let me know in the comments below!


Until next time,


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I recently moved home and received this gorgeous Jo Malone candle, read about my new house here.Β 




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