DIY Up-Cycle Bedside Locker

This will probably be the first of MANY home and decor inspired posts, as I am moving into a house this month and have so many ideas and plans of how to turn it into a home. I also have lots of pre-loved furniture from family and friends and a very small budget for new pieces so I will be doing my best to give each item a new lease of life on a shoe string budget.

My first DIY project was something small just to get things kicked off. I found my old bedside locker, which had also belonged my dad when he was a boy, and decided it needed at least one more use.

If you are not lucky enough to have a father who hoards everything, then keep an out for vintage pieces at markets and charity shops. A little bit of time and effort can give you a fabulous new piece of furniture for a great price.

It looks pretty good for being almost 60 years old, but the aesthetic I will have in the new house will be bright, white, grey and clean, so it needed a coat or five of white paint. I love having white furniture in my bedroom as I want it to be a peaceful and calm space that feels bright and airy.



She’s looking well for 60

img_8957 img_8956img_8963

BAD BLOGGER- I have no idea what paint this is, I nicked it from my parents and they had used it for their skirting boards so I knew it was good for wood.

img_8967 img_8964 img_8965

I could still see a dark shadow coming through the white, so I kept painting until I was happy with the all white finish.


Zara have gorgeous knobs and they are a really affordable way of updating a piece of furniture even if you don’t want to paint it.



  1. First things first, it needed a really good clean. I scrubbed it up and down and even got the hoover inside to pick up any dust from the corners that I couldn’t quite get at.
  2. I removed as much hardware as necessary. This required one screwdriver and I was able to take off the knob and the inner clasp.
  3. Sand it down. I tried to keep it in circular motions and create a nice clean base for my paint.
  4. Get painting. I would say it took about five coats of paint as I didn’t use a primer, but I didn’t have one on hand so I made do without. I painted this over the course of about 3 days, as I had work and needed to give some drying time between each coat. I am lucky that we have a boiler house I could leave the locker in over night.
  5. Add a decorative knob. I found this gorgeous copper one on Zara home, and it actually came in a set of two, so I need to find something else t up-cycle with my fancy knob.

I am not a perfect painter, but I wasn’t going for a perfect look. This piece of furniture is old so I am happy for it to have marks and nicks, thats shabby chic right?

When I get into the new house and set up my new bedroom I will share with you how my new bedside locker looks, but I feel it will look fabulous.  The copper knob really makes it for me.

If you have any DIY up-cycling tips and posts please let me know in the comments below as I am always looking for inspiration.

Stay stylish,


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With the new house I need to keep my spending to all time low, so I will be getting my fashion fix from Boohoo this Winter. Their clothing is gorgeous and the prices are insanely affordable. Check out my winter edit here. 


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