Electric Picnic Music and Arts Festival 2016

Usually when I head off to Electric Picnic I come back with lots of photos to share with all from a jam packed weekend… this year my weekend was wild but I kind of forget to actually take any pictures! #BadBlogger

I don’t really have a fashion element to this post unless your interested in black plastic ponchos that look like bin liners (you’ll see what I mean below), but I will go through what I packed to give you an idea.


Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:


This year, like my other two years, I was with the best crew! It gets a little bigger each year and with every new addition we have an even better time. We have a good mix of really chill personalities along with organised people who make sure we don’t miss out on our favourite acts.

The weather wasn’t great but luckily I didn’t end up getting soaked until Lana Del Rey on Sunday night, which was one of the BEST PERFORMANCES I HAVE EVER WITNESSED. The rest of the weekend I enjoyed a hell of a lot of amazing music, a good few cocktails and beers and danced quite a bit. During the day there is so much exploring to do and I had to bring everyone along to the My Lovely Horse Ranch where you can chill out and cuddle DOGS!!!

To be honest, the lack of photos and the fact that I have left it a couple of weeks I don’t have that many details to share from the weekend but all I can say is that I already bought my ticket for 2017, and this time I am taking Conor with me!


SURPRISE- Hozier pops out on stage when the Trinity Gospel Choir are performing. GAVE ME LIFE!!!

Every year this lovely gent lets me crash in his tent where I have my own room (big enough for two people but I am such a diva I need all that space for myself!). Sean and I have been best friends for too many years to count and he was the person who initially convinced me to try Picnic for the first time, and I haven’t looked back since.

Garbage Chic- One of the guys was really prepared and brought down a plastic poncho for everyone. I wanted to go for black because I only wear black, unfortunately it did look like a trash bag and this look earned me a temporary nickname of ‘Bin Bag Kiely’ for the weekend. One of my fellow campers later donated me a piece of rope so I could complete the look with a chic belt!

This was my first year at Picnic with Ali and this girl had me laughing the entire weekend.

My best attempt at an outfit selfie when it is lashing rain outside and I am crouched down in my tent. This was my crop top and leather skirt look on day 2.

A little bit of sun on day three and I got to show off my floral Zara dress. NOTE: I am sitting on an oversized Zara scarf which was the best thing I brought- I could sit on it, wear it as a scarf and use as blanket or pillow at night. 

THE CREW! Well not everyone made it in to the picture, but this was the best we could do.


Highs of Electric Picnic 2016: 

  1. LANA DEL REY!!!! I am obsessed with her music anyway, but to hear her voice live was absolutely amazing. She also got down and hugged every person in the front while it was lashing rain. I wasn’t there, but it was nice to see.
  2. This was the first year we stayed in the Janis Joplin campsite rather than Hendrix and OMG it was so clean and lovely. I am totally converted and will never stay in Hendrix again!
  3. Jenny Greene and the RTE Orchestra playing old school dance tunes on Friday night. I did have to miss out on The 1975, but I think I made the right decision.
  4. Body and Soul sing a long session where we got to sing a long to B*Witched and Britney. It was the perfect way to transition from a super chill Sunday morning to get into the mood for Sunday night.
  5. My Lovely Horse Ranch is always a highlight, it is located in the trailer park and they have gorgeous rescue dogs, horses and donkeys a that you can pet. A great way to sooth the soul after having one too many the night before.

Lows of Electric Picnic 2016: 

  1. The weather, nothing can be done about it but we had been really lucky the previous two years with gorgeous sunshine all weekend. Hopefully next year won’t be as wet, but I’ll bring my Hunter boots just incase.
  2. I couldn’t find the prosecco tent! Every year we take out a few minutes to be super fancy and sip on some lovely prosecco, but the tent moved this year and I couldn’t fin it anywhere!

Thats it, no real complaints. I had a fantastic weekend and I am already excited for next year!


Were you at EP this year? Let me know in the comments below.


Signature 1




I have been living in that Zara dress, and you can see two more ways in which I styled it here. 



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