Birthday Wish List | August 2016

It is that time of year again, I am about to turn yet another year older. I am not a huge fan of my own birthday, and this year I have decided to keep things low-key with a small gathering of my really good friends.

Although I don’t like big birthdays, I do enjoy day dreaming about amazing gifts. Some things on my wish list are actually things I want to pick up for myself in the near future, and other items are total fantasy/ long-term goal purchases, but that is what WISH lists are all about.


Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 17.01.05


  1. Monica Vinader Riva Ring: This is not the first time this diamond ring has featured on one of my wish lists. I don’t really own that much nice jewellery as I tend to misplace things so I usually keep my jewellery cheap. I love the simplistic design of the Riva ring and I have never owned diamond anything before, so that would be really special. Shop here.
  2. Wildfox Pajama Set: Is there anything more luxurious that really fancy pajama? Although this set says ‘Morning Person’, that could not be further than the truth for me. I love wearing my pajamas and when possible I will lounge in them for hours, so treating myself to a luxurious set would actually be worth while. Shop here.
  3. Smart Profile Clarisonic: I am skin care obsessed and everyone I know who has ever used a Clarisonic has RAVED about this little brush. It is supposed the cleans your skin better than anything else, help with acne, pores, oil production, skin tone… basically its supposed to be a magical little brush that transforms your skin beautifully. I NEED ONE. Shop here.
  4. Adidas Gazelle Trainers: I have become runner obsessed over the last year and want to expand my modest collection to include a statement pair. I love the colour red, especially as I usually wear a lot of black and white and a pop of red looks really good. Shop here.
  5. All Saints Leather Biker Jacket: I am biker jacket obsessed, but usually pick up something cheap and chic somewhere like Zara. This amazing jacket from All Saints is out of my budget, but I would love a really high quality leather jacket in my collection, as I am guaranteed to get the wear out of it. Shop here.
  6. Givenchy Mini Antigona bag: This is a total fantasy item! My friend Greta recently picked up the bigger size of this bag in black and it is GORGEOUS! Such a modern classic, great shape and really practical. I always spot this mini red bag on Aoibhe ย from The Secret Obsession blog and it always surprises me how it goes with so many fabulous looks she wears. Shop here.
  7. River Island Gold Glitter Ankle Boots: OK I think I NEED these! Throughout the colder months I live in my ankle boots, and these gorgeous glitter version are perfect for those dressy/casual nights when I am noting the mood for stiletto heels. I love the combination of glamour and practicality. Shop here.
  8. Alexander McQueen Card Holder: All Summer I have been using a gorgeous orange card holder from Diane Von Furstenberg that I love! I no longer use my big wallet and always keep this little card holder on me. I think the colour orange is very cute for Summer but coming into Autumn I would love a deeper colour, like this beautiful red. Shop here.
  9. Artis Make Up Brush: Everyone who is makeup obsessed has one of these luxury brushes and really want to add one to my collection. I bought brush for Greta’s birthday and decided on the size 6 as it big enough to do foundation but small enough to do contour and highlight etc. Shop here.


Anyone else celebrating a birthday this month? What are you lusting after? Let me know in the comments below!


Until next time,

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Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 17.26.22

I included these gold ankle boots when I wrote about the Autumn/ Winter ย River Island collection, see more here.ย 


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