Summer Brow Routine | Sweat Proof Eyebrows 

If you know me in real life, or have followed my blog for a while, you may be aware that my brows are pretty much non-existent. They were never a big deal to begin with but I of course over plucked as a teen and now filling and shaping my eyebrows is just a part of my daily routine.


This is taken from an eyebrow post I did back in 2014! But unfortunately they haven’t grown much since then!

As my brows are quite sparse, I try plenty of products in an attempt to fake bolder and bigger brows. I recently switched up my day-to-day look and found a combination of products that I really love. Depending on what type of brows you have, you may only need one of these products, or one of these steps, but I am basically creating brand new eyebrows everyday, so it takes a little time.


What I need: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz ( I have raved about this before), BPerfect Permanent eyebrow makeup, Lancome Sourcils Style, and angles brush and a spooly.

I have been using the Brow Wiz for about a year, and I can’t imagine doing my makeup without it. This is a fine point crayon that allows me to draw quite precise line. I think this product is really easy to control and if you do apply a little too much you can use the spooly end to brush the product through. This is a cult product and used by so many beauty bloggers, makeup artists and celebrities. It is a little expensive at about €20 but I personally think it is 100% worth it. I use the shade medium brown.

Rather than filling in my actual brows, I thought it would be easier to see the product at work on bare skin. I use the product to draw out my brow shape and it can be used to create hair like strokes in areas that are really sparse, like the front of my brow. Before I apply this product I take the spooly and brush eyebrows DOWN, this allows me to outline the shape above my eyebrows, I then brush them up to outline underneath. I then connect the lines at the end of the brow, and leave the front open with some strokes.

To fill it in I use the BPerfect  semi-permanent brow powder. This is semi permanent makeup, which means once it is applied you can only remove it with cleanser. This is great for Summer as sweat will not budge this product. This powder comes with a brush and eyebrow stencil, but I have been using the same angled brush from ELF and that is what I feel most comfortable using.

I wanted to try to demonstrate just how good this powder is, it really does not budge when you rub it. As this powder is on my hand I actually did expect it to move as there are no hairs for it to grasp onto, but it didn’t budge.

This product is great for anyone who has any gaps or bald patches in their brows, or someone who wants their brows to look denser/ fuller. As this product is water resistant it is also great for holidays/ beach days! A tiny bit of this powder goes a very long way, so start with a tiny amount and build it up. This is great as the powder will last for months and months.

I use shade Irid Brown, you can shop here.


The final step is the seal everything in place, and hold all the hairs exactly where I want them with a brow gel. Again this product is a little price as it is from Lancome, but my brows do not budge at all when I wear this. This also adds texture to browse and accentuates the hairs that are there, disguising the fact that my eyebrows are 80% product.

This is a tinted liquid product that you apply with a tiny brush. In the past I have used a clean spooly and sprayed it with hair spray and brushed it through my brows, but it would only last a couple of hours, whereas this product lasts ALL DAY! Shop here.

I haven’t tried that many brow gels, as many of them have a larger applicator that are too big for my browse, but I would love to hear any recommendations that you have.

The final look. I only have an iPhone to take my pics, so I couldn’t get the up close details as much as I would like. This is what my eyebrows look like on a daily basis now, and I am really happy with it. As someone who does not have naturally strong eyebrows, I fill mine in daily and sometimes they just don’t last the day. These three products together keep my eyebrows looking good all day, and do not budge until I go at them with my cleanser.

So that is it, for someone who has lovely bold brows that may seem extreme, but for me this is a great routine that I know will stay all day.

What you need:

What is your ride or die brow product? I want to hear in the comments below!

Until next time,

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This makeup look was created using a lot of products from The Balm. Check out my review and swatches here. 


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