Saturday Night Out | What I Wore

I don’t really ‘Go Out’ that much these days, I go for drinks, I go for food, I go for catch ups but it had been a while since I got dressed up for a big night out in town. The occasion that got me out last Saturday was my bestie’s birthday, the gorgeous Greta.

I wish I had a lovely picture of her on her birthday, but of course I didn’t take any snaps throughout the night, TYPICAL me!



Beauty from the night.





For someone who hardly ever wears skirts, I was super comfortable in my look on Saturday. I am finally ready to embrace a little Summer/ 70s fashion, and there wasn’t a stitch of black on me!!! WHO AM I?! Actually I lie, I did wear my black biker jacket over this look, can’t stray too far from the comfort zone.




Greta is such a fabulous hostess, her parties are always fabulous and totally instagrammable. My favourite are had to be the ‘Pimp your Prosecco’ bar she had set up with elderflower, raspberries and strawberries- SO CUTE!

After leaving Greta’s we headed to Soder + Ko for a really fun night, although I think it is safe to say I had one too many when I ended up leaving my phone in the taxi home. THANKFULLY my taxi driver found it and dropped it back to me Sunday morning- so lucky!


I hope you had a great weekend, and it ended slightly less as messy as mine!

Until next time,

Signature 1



My last bare legged look was totally black- see all the details here. 



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