Energie De Vie | Lancome Pearly Wake-Up Lotion

If you have been following my blog for a while you will be aware that I have become skin care obsessed lately! Over the past couple of years my daily skin care routine has gone from ‘cleanse & moisturise’ to about an 7-9 step system. That might sound really high maintenance but it is actually quite manageable when you start with small changes. I will be talking about some of those steps today, and discussing this lovely new essence lotion that I have incorporated into my daily routine.



Ok so lets talk about the Energie de Vie range, this is a range of skin care products that are aimed to 25-35 year olds. These products are designed to keep you looking fresh and feeling hydrated throughout times when you may not be getting enough sleep, you are working long hours and trying to fit in a full life style like socializing, travel etc. There are three products in the range and the idea is that these three products will provide your skin with energy, moisture and antioxidants. This is the skin care routine for the girl or guy on the go, who do not have time for daily pampering, but want to feed your skin with exactly what it needs.


“A totally new way to apply skincare! Fresh from our Korean labs, Lancóme introduce the new ÉNERGIE DE VIE range. Built from natural anti-oxidants (goji berries, lemon balm, genetian root, you name it) the range gives your skin a BURST of energy and moisture, leaving it glowing, healthier, brighter and energised.” via Lancóme.




I was invited to a press launch of this fabulous range, and as a result I was lucky enough to bring home The Wake-Up Lotion to test out. Essences and lotions are something new to me, I have only been using one since January this year, and it is a step before serum to add another layer of hydration to the skin. The idea of this lotion/ essence is to hydrate and refresh the skin, and it contains sparkling translucent pearls for a wide awake look. I am not a morning person and I need all the help I can get to look alive, and this lotion feels amazing when I pat it into my skin first thing in the morning.

Like most of my skincare products, I wanted to test this out for a couple of weeks on my skin to see how my skin really reacts to the product. I have been using this lotion since the end of April of my skin really loves it. It absorbs really quickly and feels very refreshing. My skin can react badly to heavy products but this lotion is so light that my skin drinks it up!


I only use the this lotion in the morning, as it is called the Wake-Up lotion, and use one from The Body Shop at night. I will quickly run through my skin care routine to give you an idea of how I am incorporating this product.

  1. Pre Cleanse (Micellar Water) I usually only pre cleanse at night when I have makeup on.
  2. Cleanse (Oil, Powder or Cream)
  3. Exfoliate (glycollic pads, exfoliating scrub or mask) Again usually only at night and not every night.
  4. Essence/ Lotion (Lancóme in the morning, The Body Shop at night)
  5. Serum
  6. Eye Cream/ gel
  7. Spot Treatment if necessary
  8. Lash and Brow conditioner
  9. Moisturise (Indeed labs for day and Eucerin at night).

It sounds like a lot but 7 and 8 are not essential and 3 is not daily as daily exfoliation would really irritate my skin.


Final Thoughts:

  • At €37 for a 200ml bottle, this is really good value. It will last so long!
  • I think the best way to avoid premature ageing is with moisture and my skin loves this product and how hydrating it is.
  • This is a great range for someone starting their skin care routine who is overwhelmed by what products to use and what ingredients to look for.
  • The range consists of three products: The Liquid Moisturiser, The Sleeping Mask and The Wake up Lotion. All three products can be yours for €129, which in my opinion is a good price point for a full routine.


Yes I did get this item for FREE but I was not obliged in any way to write about it.


What are your skin care obsessions? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,

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Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 12.58.12

Read about the other Essence I have been using from The Body Shop here.


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