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What is it about Summer that makes we want the chop? To be honest I have been hankering a shorter cut for some time now and I finally bit the bullet and booked in with Michael from Alan Keville on South Anne Street in town.

I have been cutting my hair shorter over the past six months, but I was ready to get a more structured cut and wanted a nice shape too. I had a chat with Michael before we started and told him what I liked:

  • I wanted to be shorter but not a short bob length, I still wanted a little bit of length to play with.
  • I think blunt cuts look quite chic, but I usually wear my hair wavy or curled so I didn’t need it to be severely blunt.
  • I like the idea of the short being slightly shorter than the front.

Michael totally got me and got to work. Here it is before:






I am totally in love with my new hair! It is exactly what I wanted, and Michael made sure it really suited my face. The length is longer at the front, but not drastically. He did feather out the ends slightly, so the shape is blunt but the ends are more playful. I love a fresh-cut and I the shape he created really frames my face.

I totally recommend Michael to anyone looking to switch things up this Summer.

For more information or to book in today click here.

NB- it might be worth noting that I did pay for this haircut, this is not sponsored or a free/ discount service. I am just genuinely delighted with my hair. A bit strange to say but I don’t want anyone thinking I am gushing about Michael because I feel obliged, I just think he’s awesome!


I have some VERY DISCREET balayage in my hair, which you can achieve at home if you check out this post here.

Until next time,

Signature 1



I got to show off my new hair at the Irish Beauty Blog Awards recently, see all the details here.


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