Declaré Skincare | Cleansing Powder


If you are a regular reader of this blog than you might already know about my skin issues, ok issues sounds a little too serious, more like annoyances!
I have a slightly sensitive skin, I am prone to clogged pores and breakouts and my skin reacts very quickly to products it does not like and I am usually dealing with the consequences for weeks.

I was really excited to attend an evening with Declaré, a skin care brand that focuses on sensitivity, as I am obsessed with learning more about my skin and the best ingredients and products that I should be using.


The idea behind all Declaré’s products is to treat the skin like it is sensitive, give it the ingredients it needs and wants to be healthy and happy, and then look at more issues like ageing, acne etc.

The night itself was wonderful, a room full of beauty lovers oohing and aahing over fabulous products, and the Declaré team could not have been more enthusiastic and excited about their range.

We were treated to fabulous goody bags that with some of the gorgeous range. I ended up keeping the cleansing powder for myself, but I was unable to hold onto the Multi-Lift serum after telling my mum about it.

The Multi Lift Serum:

Highly effective serum with marine collagen: your skin appears remodelled, with new contours – and thus looks years younger. Liver spots are visibly reduced, and your complexion looks smooth and radiantly, youthfully fresh. At the same time, lines and wrinkles are quickly and lastingly reduced, and your skin is lavished intensively with valuable, long-lasting moisture. With Declaré src complex™ to combat everyday stress factors. Source

I asked my mum to tell me how her skin felt after using this serum for a month and she is totally in love. She believes her skin looks brighter and feels fuller. Obviously she is not a beauty blogger, but she spends her hard-earned cash on lots of serums and lotions that can cost more than double, and she is truly impressed with the Multi-Lift serum.  Her skin is really smooth and soft after applying this nightly (after cleansing).


I am cleanser obsessed so there was no way she was getting the powder cleanser from me! First of all this cleanser is super handy as it is a powder. If you are travelling and worried about liquid levels than this bottle is super handy. Plus if it does end up bursting in your bag you can dust the powder away, where as gloopy liquid cleansers can RUIN your luggage! Ok so now onto the actual product!

Cleansing Powder: 

The special face cleansing for sensitive skin. Soap-free and pH neutral. When mixed with a small amount of water, the mild powder transforms into a delicate foam, which removes make-up, dead skin cells and impurities gently and thoroughly. Source. 

I usually pre cleanse with a micellar water to remove my makeup and then follow with a cleanser, however there are times where I have jumped in the shower with my full face on and this cleanser has been up to the task of removing everything!
After using this cleanser my skin always feels really cleansed, without stripping my skin. Sometimes a cleanser can leave me feeling squeaky clean and that makes me think that the natural oils have been stripped from my skin. It is a really gentle cleanser, but high power in its ability to cleans. Some cleansers can leave me red-faced and my skin thirsty for moisture, but this cleansing powder leaves my skin feeling refreshed. Gentle but thorough is exactly how I would describe this product.


Would I recommend this cleanser? YES! It is suitable for all skin types and if my skin likes it then most skin types should really love this cleanser.
Where can I buy it? Pharmacies across Ireland and online here.
How much is it? 90g is €24.50. My sample size was 20g and it has lasted so well! A little goes a long way so the full size would last a couple of months.


If you have any questions about the cleanser or skin care in general please leave me a comment below! Until next time,

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