#OscarWorthy Night at Oscar’s Bar and Kitchen

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Oscar’s Bar & Kitchen for their relaunch, and enjoyed some incredible food and drinks. This was my first time visiting this bar, even though it is conveniently located at Merrion Square in town.

We were totally spoiled with a seven course taster menu, yes you read that right SEVEN! Each course also had a drink paired with it so I am sure you can imagine I was every so slightly tipsy on my way out the door.

I tried to take pictures of all of the lovely food, but there were time I got a little too excited and just dived into my dish face first!

Before I go through the menu, I will give you a little look at the set up. I can never resist a “I have this thing with floors” shot and the tiles here are super fabulous.




I had the pleasure of sharing the evening with some fabulous gals and guys but of course have zero photographic evidence. Thankfully Doireann from Blog Beauties documented the evening a little better and sent me through a couple of snaps. Make sure you check out her blog for lots of fashion and beauty. 


I broke out this yellow Zara blazer from a few years ago, to avoid another ALL BLACK situation.


Myself and Orla from The Orlacle. If you don’t follow this girl you need to check her out NOW! She is gorgeous, incredible at makeup, so knowledgable about skin care and is also HILARIOUS!

Now onto the good stuff- the food & drinks!

  1. Scotch Quails Egg & Beer Cocktail
  2. Wild Boar Black Pudding  –Costa Cruz Tempranillo Shiraz
  3. Ribs  – Galway Hooker Craft Beer
  4. Moroccan Lamb Breast  – De Martino Cab Sav
  5. Salmon BLT- Hop House Lager
  6. Flank Steak, Chip-  Zagalia Pinot Grigio
  7. Rhubarb Panna cotta (S) Dessert Wine
  8. Whiskey – Teeling Single Grain

I have no photographic evidence of the scotch egg as I basically shoved in straight in my mouth, it was lovely! The beer cocktail was really nice, I didn’t think I would like it but it tasted similar to a very light whiskey and lime drink, really refreshing.


Something to note about all of the food was the presentation. No two dishes were served in the same way and the wild boar black pudding salad came in a cool pod.

These ribs did not last long on this table. I cannot remember the sauce exactly but I believe it tomatoes and bourbon were included. Usually when sitting in a group atmosphere, particularly a group you aren’t BFFs with, ribs wouldn’t be as popular considering the mess you can make. Not at Oscars, we were practically fighting over the last pieces towards the end. Oscars were totally on the ball and quickly handed out hot towels so we could tidy ourselves up after. This course was paired with a craft beer Galway Hooker, which was really smooth and enjoyable.



Next up was a really tender Moroccan lamb dish. Each dish had something a little unexpected with it, and if I am remembering correctly this lamb had crushed pistachios. A really fabulous combination I never would have thought to try.


Next course was Salmon served in the styles of BLT sandwiches and I have no evidence of that dish either. I personally do not eat salmon, so I got to enjoy a baked pear and feta cheese dish instead, and I don’t have a picture of that either! It was really gorgeous though, and I know the salmon BLTs went down a treat as there were barely crumbs left.

The part of the night I was waiting for the entire night: the flank steak with thrice cooked chips! The steak was cooked perfectly, so flavoursome and tender. I will probably go back here just for the steak alone, it was divine!


rhubarb Panna cotta for dessert. I am a dessert lover so this went down a treat for me! Really fresh and light, the perfect way to finish the meal.

So the final drink of the night was straight Teelings Whiskey. I was really looking forward to having a bit of a Mad Men moment where I swirl my tumbler and sip my whiskey like a pro. The servers were taking us through the process of enjoying whiskey, there is a lot of breathing involved, but I just couldn’t do it. I am way too weak to deal with straight whiskey and it just gave me shivers down my spine. That being said I do enjoy a little Teelings with a mixer, I just can’t do it straight.

The food was fabulous, the drinks were fabulous but the real stars were the staff at Oscars bar. I think everyone on the night fell a little bit in love with Danny. Each time he approached our table he brought an incredible amount of enthusiasm, and delivered mouth-watering descriptions of each dish. He is also GAS and really good craic to have the chats with.


Thank you so much to Oscar’s Bar & Kitchen and The Irish Blogger Association for a delightful night. I cannot wait to revisit this gorgeous bar soon. To see their menu click here. 


Have you been to this wonderful venue? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,

Signature 1



The sun has been teasing us a little lately, a bit of a ‘will it, won’t it come out’ situation. When it has made an appearance I have jumped into these cute dungarees. See my full outfit details here. 



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