Eucerin Skincare routine

Last month I was invited to a beautiful breakfast with Eucerin and after trialing all of these amazing products, I am finally ready to tell you exactly what I thought of each of them

First of all let me give a little bit of information on Eucerin, as you may not be all that familiar with this brand. Eucerin is over 113 years old and was created by three people: A dermatologist, a pharmacist and a chemist. They combined their knowledge of skin care and created the first ever modern ointment. Now a days the Eucerin range caters for all skin types and use technology and research to create products for the face, body and hair and focus on effectiveness and gentleness.

You can find these products in Chemists across the country.

The morning itself was absolutely wonderful, I arrived at 8.30 at the Cliff Town House and was greeted by a room of happy faces, fresh juices and tonnes of skin care. unfortunately I had work at 9 so it was a very quick visit for me, but jam-packed with lots of information.


I am always trying to improve my skin care routine and make sure that I am giving my skin exactly what it needs. I am always trying to learn more about skin care and I love having my skin analysed. Eucerin have a fabulous machine that does exactly that, and here is what I learned:

  • My skin is not as moisturised as it should be. This I was quite surprised with, but I had also been out for a couple of drinks the night before so I am not sure just how accurate that is.
  • Pigmentation is higher than normal. This is relating to my freckles, which I have scattered across my face. I do love my freckles but it does mean that I have to get better at wearing SPF to protect my skin.
  • The tightness of my skin is higher than average, I think that’s a good thing?! I use a lot of collagen masks and products to plump my skin so they just might be working.
  • In terms of wrinkles I am exactly where I should be, which is good but also I would have loved to hear that I just don’t have any on their way. At least I am not ageing prematurely.
  • Sensitivity is higher than normal, but I knew that. My skin is really sensitive and can have crazy reactions to the smallest changes in my routine. It also means my skin is sensitive to external factors such as changes in the weather.
  • My sebum levels were quite low, which again was surprising to me as I have hormonal skin and tend to break out around my chin at least once a month.


All of this information was really interesting to me, so I was really excited to try out my new skin care routine that should help tackle the issues I am facing, and fill in the gaps of my routine.

After my consultation I was gifted a full routine of products that should tackle all of my concerns. In no particular order here are what I tried and my honest thoughts on each product.


Even Brighter: I will start with the Even brighter day cream. The focus of this product is to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and to even and brighten skin tone. This cream repairs cell damage and contains SPF 30.
I love the idea of this product but I really only use it on no make up days. I like really like weight creams for during the day and I found this a little heavier than what I am used to. This product needs a few minutes to settle into the skin before applying makeup, and a lot of days I do not have that time so I this was not may favourite product for those reasons. I do have to say that when I do wear it my skin loves it and it does leave me feeling really nourished and baby soft.

Q10 Active: This is the range of anti-ageing products for sensitive skin. I was given the Q10 Active Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream and I love this stuff. Again it does feel a little heavier than some of the creams I am used to, but not in a way that clogs my pores or smothers my skin.

DermoPurifyer: This range helps fight four key factors of blemish-prone skin. I tend to have hormonal breakouts around my skin just like I did as a teenager, which is not ideal at 28! This range smooth and calms the skin, it is anti-bacterial, regulates your sebum production and gently unclog pores. I have two products from this range: The DermoPurifyer scrub and the active concentrate. Starting with the scrub, it was recommended I use this every 7-10 days. As my skin is sensitive over exfoliation can be quite damaging. I have been using it about once a week and I really enjoy it. It leaves my skin feeling really clean but not in a way that makes me think my skin has been stripped. My skin feels soft but not dried out.
Next I tried the Active Concentrate and I have mixed feelings about this. I was told that over time with would regulate the sebum production and eventually my hormonal breakouts would actually stop, this was obviously music to my ears. Now I don’t know if what happened next happened because I still get breakouts or because of this serum, but about a week into using it I had a couple of huge spots pop up around a mouth and chin pop up. It is worth noting that I was only applying this serum in these areas, and using another serum on the rest of my face. These were the type of spots that felt deep rooted and would linger for a couple of weeks. I decided to stop applying that serum and allow the spots go down. I will test the serum out again on its own and see if my skin reacts the same way or if it was simply a coincidence. As I mentioned before my skin can react to the smallest changes in my routine, and what works for everyone else doesn’t always work for me.

Sun Protection: I was explaining to the Eucerin experts that I have a bad habit of skipping sun protection when it interfere with my makeup, ie: if it stops my makeup from lasting as long as it should or blending as well etc. I was delighted to try out their Sun Face Fluid Mattifying SPF 50+, which does exactly what it says on the tin. This is a lightweight fluid that gives a matte finish, which I love, and has SPF 50+ protection! I am so happy with this product, I am fair-skinned with freckles and blue eyes, so I really should be paying more attention to my SPF, it really is so important to wear DAILY (even in Winter and cloudy days). As this product is designed for the face it does not clog the pores and is a perfect base for makeup.



Like any skin care brand, what works for me and my skin type may not work for someone else, and if something doesn’t work for me it might do wonders for you! I just want to give honest reviews of how my skin reacted to these products.



Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 13.00.44

Shop all of these products here. 


What I will 100% repurchase? The Sun Fluid 50 SPF mattifying fluid, the DermoPurifyer Scrub and the Q10 Night cream!

Have you tried and tested the Eucerin range? Is there a product I should try out? Let me know in the comments below please 🙂


Until next time,

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