Breaking out in Bare Legs | What I Wore


I may have gotten a little ahead of the weather last week when I decided I was finally going to get my legs out for the first time in almost 6 months, probably even longer! I have been in a little bit of a comfort zone (one could even say rut) and been wearing my leather legging and skinny jeans since Autumn, so I was excited to embrace a slightly more Summery style. Obviously I was not reaching for bright or bold colours and stuck with my all black look, but one thing at a time people!

You may notice I am wearing my Zara embroidered bomber, which I am obsessed with. This piece looks so dressy and glam thanks to the satin finish, but it also looks great with a pair of jeans and Nike runners. When I first posted about this jacket I did predict I would be living in it and so far this is my second outfit post where it is featured. It is a really versatile piece and if you want to see it up close check out my recent post here.

Anyway, back to the night itself, I was deceived by the sunny weather during the day and didn’t realise how cold it would actually be that night. I think I will stick to leather pants for another month or so until I am 100% that the temperatures have risen.

What I would also like to note about this night was how old I am, I had so much fun at pre drinks with all my friends and the next best part of the night was sneaking off for Eddie Rockets food! Anyway, if you are interested in my makeup and outfit, scroll down.








  • InStyler– This little gadget actually makes it look like I’ve had a blow dry and my hair is much shinier in comparison to styling with any other tools! I think I will have to write a full blog post soon!

I kept my makeup pretty true to my usual look, but I wanted to be GLOWING so I layered up three different highlighters and I loved the look! It is not as noticeable in the picture above but in person it was really strong! I love using my LuMee light up case when taking pictures as it really makes highlighter POP! I also treated myself to a new beauty blender last week and applying my liquid makeup was a dream! I am so happy that they are now available in Boots, making it so handy to pick them up!


What I Wore:


I was going for a ‘Oh this old outfit’ look by wearing an oversized tee under my bomber, when the reality was that I had taken a fair amount of time putting my look together. Wearing this bomber automatically makes me feel cooler, the relaxed fit gives the impression of ‘I just threw this on’, but I got so many compliments on it! I am so happy I treated myself to this piece, even though at the time I basically spent the last of my wages on it!


I hope everyone has a fabulous bank holiday weekend, I have two brunches planned which I am very excited about, I mean, who doesn’t LOVE brunch?! But the two groups I am meeting up with are some of my favourite people in the world so I am guaranteed plenty of laughs.

Until next time,

Signature 1



To prepare for Summer I decided to lighten the ends of my hair quite subtly, read my DIY Balayage 3 post here. 


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