Summer Wish List | What I am Loving this Season

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Over the past week the weather in Dublin has been absolutely fabulous, and it has me thinking about my Summer wardrobe. If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that my style is pretty simple, so you won’t see a lot of colour here, but I have opted for lighter shades. This is more of a Summer street style wish list, rather than a vacation post, which is why everything here could almost be considered a basic (almost).

  1. First up we have a faux suede fringe khaki jacket from Pretty Little Things. I live in biker jackets, Summer, Winter and everything in between. I love khaki this season, it’s not necessarily a bold colour, but it is breaking away from my usual black and white looks. Shop here.
  2. Next up I have included a metallic faux skin cross body bag from Diane Von Furstenburg. I have found a new appreciation for cross body bags in recent months, I love being hands free! I have a couple of dark bags at home, but I would love something lighter for Summer. This is the type of bag I can wear for a night out, a lunch, running errands, it is very versatile! Shop here.
  3. What is Summer without a pair of Levi’s shorts? I have collected a couple of pairs over the years but one or two styles are a little tight now so it is probably time to invest in a new pair that fit properly. Shop here.
  4. Runners are so in right now and I am delighted about it! I almost bought this pair of Adidas Superstars last month, but I opted for a black and white pair of Nike Cortez instead. I am really happy with my decision, HOWEVER, I the more I see the Superstars around, and how people are styling them I think I need to get them too. They look so cool with jeans and trousers, but also really fab with shorts and skirts too, they are so versatile! Shop here.
  5. A fabulous button front maxi dress from Missguided. I don’t have anything in my wardrobe that looks like this and it just seems like it would be really versatile. I can see myself layering it over leggings and a tee, wearing it as a dress buttoned all the way up and when feeling a little riskier unbuttoning a little from the top and a little from the bottom and cincing with a belt! Shop here.
  6. Now for the absolute must have basic… JK! An amazing pair of OTT Stella McCartney cat eye sunglasses would be fabulous for Summer, but I don’t think I will have the budget for them this year, but isn’t that what wish lists are all about, WISHING! Shop here.
  7. A boho style white blouse from Brave Soul. I love to wear bright whites in Summer and the inner boho gal does like to make an appearance in between all black looks. The best thing about this cami? It is on sale! Shop now.
  8. A skinny pair of white jeans. I usually pick up a pair of white jeans every year just because they can go a little grey over time and not look as chic. I have spotted this pair on Topshop but I could pick up a pair in Zara or River Island because I like all their jeans too. Shop here.
  9. A chic pair of fringe sandals for Summer. I personally do not like feet so wearing barely there sandals is just not something I like to do all that often. When I see a pair like this that have a lot of fringe and almost hide the feet, I get obsessed! Shop here.

I am so excited for Summer and I cannot wait to get into lighter and brighter looks for sunnier days. I would love to know what your Summer essential is, comment below!

Until next time,

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I decided to lighten my hair very subtly for Summer, see how I did this at home here. 



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