DIY Balayage 3 | L’Oreal Glam Bronde Hair Colour Kit

Welcome to my third DIY BALAYAGE post, if this is your first time checking out my blog please take a look at DIY Balayage & DIY Balayage 2!

What is Balayage: Balayage is a way of adding sun-kissed natural looking high lights to your hair, with a less noticeable regrowth as colour is not applied to the roots.

I love this very low maintenance way of updating my hair, I can go months without colouring my hair as the focus is really on the ends of the hair.

A couple of months ago I went back to my roots and coloured my hair dark brown. I have also been wearing my hair shorter lately so it was a new look for me. At first I totally loved it, so fresh and chic, but after a few short months I began itching for a little colour. I don’t wear extensions, so I felt that my hair needed some definition to appear more voluminous. It is also getting brighter and I loved a sun-kissed look.

I decided to go with the L’Oreal Paris Preference Glam Bronde colour kit, in shade 5. This is the kit for very subtle highlights, and the lower the number you go the lighter and brighter your results will be. If you want lighter and brighter results than I recommend you check out DIY Balayage 2!

My goal was really to get a little more definition and warmth in my hair, without changing the colour drastically.


Here is the before, chocolate-brown from root to tip, time to change that up!



What do you need?

img_2907 img_2912

Here is the kit, Shop here, it does come with this cool three prong brush which I did not use. This brush is to be used to comb the colour through the hair from roots to tips, I however, like to do things a little differently. I wasn’t looking for too much colour towards my roots, and really wanted to focus from the mid to ends of the hair.

ALWAYS read the instructions, especially when it comes to allergens etc. 


Ok so STEP 1:

Section off the hair. I clip up the top half of the hair, leaving the bottom hair loose.
I then take smaller sections of this hair and begin back-combing, starting at the root and working down to about half the length of the hair.

This is a technique I have experienced in hairdressers and the idea is to break up the hair. Colour is applied to the ends of the hair, and later when the back-combed hair is brushed out, the new colour will be broken up by the natural colour. The more natural you want the colouring to look, the more back-combining you should do, and keep more of your hair ‘reserved’ from colour by back-combing it up towards the roots.


Step 2:

Apply the colour to the hair, from about half way down, or however high up you want the colour to start. As my colour is really subtle, I decided to apply it about half way down, right where the back-combing ended.

Step 3: become a plant!

I know this looks so bizarre, but I swear it makes the colouring look more natural. As you can see I have gone through all of my hair and back-combed each section. The bottom sections have colour and are clipped aside, while I work on the top. I wonder if I can make a Halloween costume out of this look?! Suggestions in the commends below please 😉

I personally wanted lighter colour around my face so I applied colour almost up to the roots around my face.   I knew the  colour I was applying was very subtle, so I didn’t have to be as careful as I have in the past with lighter colours.

Read the instructions. It was recommended that I leave the colour in between 25-45 minutes, I probably had it in for about 35.

Also note when washing out your hair and brushing it, the back-combing is a little bit of a nightmare! Take your time and gently tackle each section, so you don’t damage your hair.


The Results:

I know it is super subtle, and that is the exact result I was looking for.

Below you can see the tips of my hair compared to the roots, where you can really see how warm and multi-tonal the tips of the hair are.

I am thrilled with the results! Exactly what I wanted.

If you have been considering Balayage or Ombre colouring than I hope I just saved you an expensive trip to the hairdressers! It is quite easy to do, and don’t forget that I have two more Balayage posts where you can see how I coloured my hair much lighter. Scroll down to see the results!


Thanks so much for checking out DIY Balayage 3, I hope you found it helpful, and if you do end up trying out this technique I would love to hear how it works out!

Until next time,
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DIY Balayage 1 


DIY Balayage 2 




3 thoughts on “DIY Balayage 3 | L’Oreal Glam Bronde Hair Colour Kit

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  2. Hii! Your hair looks gorgeous and this is the exact look ive been looking for. I used the same glam bronde kit no 5 yesterday but it made no difference at all on my hair which was dark brown. Could it be because i dyed it last week? If so, how long should one wait between dying and highlighting? Or should i simply use a lighter kit since it didn’t show up on my hair? Thanks.

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