InstaGood March 2016 

WOW April already?! I am loving the brighter days and sunnier weather, but I need a pause button. 2016 is going by so fast I feel like there’s so much to do, and very little time.

This months instagood roundup will answer one question for sure, and that is “why will your Summer body not be here in time Gina?”. If you have followed me for a while you will know that I avoid the gym when possible and carbs and cheese are bae. This month I did not give AF about the auld diet and my excuse for missing my workouts were usually alcohol related… OH WELL! Maybe April will be a more productive/ healthier month for me, maybe!


Ok lets kick things off and take a trip down memory lane and look at what I got up to for March 2016:



Spring in Dublin means sunglasses (duh) and wool bobble hats because it is still bloody freezing! I am so in love with my cosy hat from Mademoiselle in Blackrock, it is so toasty. You might remember these are the Ray Ban glasses I treated myself to in Spain last year.



Selfie Saturday! I was heading out for a very sophisticated brunch and catch up with some of my friends from college. We try to meet up a couple of times a year, and this time we thought we would go for a brunch instead of just drinks because were all grown up and fancy now…. yeah the brunch went well, so well that I didn’t get home until the wee hours. Rather than decreasing our chances of being messers, we simply increased the amount of hours we spent at the bar! Such a great day though!


Here is my brunch- we headed to White Friar Grill and I went for their famous eggs Benedict and peach Bellini. The food was divine, my plate was spotless by the end.


My girls ❤ Sarah, Lisa and I have been friends for about 8 years now. They are two of the most beautiful girls I know, but they are also the funniest ladies and I always cry laughing when we get together.


This was late in the evening, and what I would refer to as the “shit talking” portion of the day. This is when I was quite tipsy and getting into the “your my best friend man, we’ll be friends forever, I miss you” territory…. signs I need to go home! Scott and I headed for McDonald’s shortly after this picture was taken.



Mother’s Day was spent at Box Burger in Bray- YUM! The burgers were incredible, cocktails were fabulous but this bowl of mini doughnuts and ice cream made the meal for me! Can’t wait to head back here soon.



Chanel no 5 is my fancy pants fragrance! I love how I can put this on for a night out and still smell it hours later.



We had a bit of a Friday feeling in work so we decided to enjoy some crepes. I only really eat crepes with Nutella, I am not a lemon and sugar kinda gal.



I was struggling to put together an outfit for a Spring wedding (which I posted about here) I was thinking about these shoes & bag and wearing a black dress, but I decided to go for something completely different in the end. I love my Christian Louboutin Pigalles so much, but I get put off wearing them all the time because they are just not comfortable. When I first got them they were fine but they have stretched since then and now they always flop off the back of my heel. Also the heel is 120mm which is pretty steep.



Lazy weekends. I love the natural glow from He-Shi 1 hour rapid tan– I do not reach for anything else these days! See my full review here.



I love a brown lip, I made this colour by mixing Jordana rock & rose lip liner with Lime Crime Cashmere liquid lipstick.



Taking 5 outside of Clement & Pekoe



When the sun shines, Dublin just looks fab!



I FINALLY got around to posting my thoughts on the Drops of Youth range. I wanted to use it for about 2 months before saying whether I liked it or not, and really put it to the test. Read my full review here.



My latest food OBSESSION! I mentioned Featherblade a few months ago and I got to go back for lunch on Paddy’s day. I met Greta & Naomi for steak & prosecco (which is on tap in there!) and for 3 steaks, two sides and 2 carafes of prosecco our bill was about €90- BARGAIN. The food is amazing and I really recommend the truffle mac & cheese, its mouth-watering!


After lunch we headed off to a newish bar Zozimus on South Annes Lane, if you can’t spot it, follow the umbrellas. I had to whip out my LuMee case for a quick bathroom mirror selfie.




To a Spring wedding we go, I posted about my full makeup and outfit here.




For Easter break my friend Edel was back in Dublin (really Wicklow but sure look) and she took me to her neck of the woods, Bray. I had never been in Dockyard number 8 before and it was really fabulous. We always say we’ll go for a bite to eat and a quick chat but in reality it is a marathon catch up.




After lunch we went for a stroll along the seafront, it had been years since I had been down here and it really is gorgeous on a nice day.



I remember when I used to wear heels to work… now I dress like a teen with my self-imposed uniform of Nike Roshe runners, black skinny jeans and whatever baggy knit is handy. I am still in love with my bag from Zara that is really smart and big enough to carry around my laptop.



Liquid lunch! I met up with Jeissika from Chaos Wearing lipgloss for a glass of wine, and that turned into a bottle at Drury Buildings. Obviously had to take a selfie with selfie girl! Again, LuMee case to bad lighting situations!



Seriously, how do I not have abs? Oh yeah, because I love me some Pizza. Milano is one of those totally underrated spots. I have yet to have a bad Pizza here, this is the American and I just had to get some garlic butter for my crusts. Conor and I headed here after a mini shopping spree in Dundrum and I wanted to go to a nice restaurant and he wanted fast food, so this was the perfect compromise.



I finally got my hands on the embroidered bomber from Zara. This bad boy has been harder to get than a Kylie lip kit (which I also cannot get my hands on), as it just kept selling out. I posted about this fab bomber and some gorgeous alternatives here.



Current skin saviours! I wrote about the Nip + Fab glycoloic pads a couple of months ago, and how they totally changed the texture of my skin. I have been using the hydraluron range for over a year now and it really suits my skin. It is really hydrating without being too heavy for my skin. I have just started trying out the Nip + Fab venom fix products and so far, so good. This is the roller ball eye product and it is so refreshing!


I’ll finish up the month with the sun peeking through the clouds on a Dublin spring day.


I hope your having an awesome month, and thanks so much for checking out my InstaGood March! Until next time,

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I recently posted my top makeup tips for hooded eyes, check it out here. 



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