The Light Up LuMee Case | My Selfie Essential

Back in February I treated myself to one of the craziest purchases I have ever made: the LuMee light up phone case for iPhone. This is a little bit of fun and ever so slightly frivolous as it is a little more expensive than the Marc Jacobs cases I usually pick up, but this one has a really fun purpose.

This case first caught my eye when I spotted it on Khloe Kardashian’s phone, and she was showing how fab the lighting was. You can actually see it on all of the Kardashian’s phones when they snapchat or film their show, and Kim has even written about how great this cover is.  When I heard it was coming to Ireland at CocoBoutique, I had to get one for myself.

Coco Boutique LuMee case in Ireland

So what is it? 

  • A protective case for the iPhone, which is good because I drop my phone daily!
  • LED lights surround the edge of the case, to act like bulbs around a vanity mirror.
  • The on/ off button also acts like a dimmer switch, hold it down to dim or brighten the lights.
  • Independant battery, it does not use your iPhone power, and is charged via a USB cable. I have mine about two months and have yet to charge it yet!

This phone cover has been the centre of attention on all of my recent nights out, everyone is loving taking a selfie and testing out just how good the lighting is.

You can buy your iPhone LuMee case here from CocoBoutique. I chose the rose gold colour, but it is also available in white and black.

See some of my pictures below showing how fabulous the lighting really is.

Light up LuMee case Ireland
Light up LuMee selfie case Ireland

with the lovely Jessica from Chaos Wearing Lipgloss, check out her blog here.   Light up LuMee selfie case Ireland
Light up LuMee selfie case Ireland

Light up LuMee selfie case Ireland

Light up LuMee selfie case Ireland


As you can see I do love a selfie! This case makes a great gift, especially for anyone who loves a good selfie. It is also amazing for anyone who does beauty/ makeup for a living and bloggers who want professional quality lighting without buying a very expensive ring light.

If you have any questions about the LuMee I will try and answer them below!

Until next time,

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oh look another selfie! I recently wrote about tips & tricks for hooded eyes on a recent post here. 


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