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This month I had one of the best trips of my life! Although this was not my first time visiting New York, it was my first time going there with Conor, and my first visit in Winter. I had been looking forward to this long weekend for months and I cannot believe it has come and gone already.

The trip was Friday to Monday so Conor and I tried to fit in as much as we could in those short few days. Unlike most of our holidays, this would not be the type of trip where we chill out and relax, there was so much to do, and such little time!

I was also looking forward to some retail therapy, but I didn’t pick up any clothes apart from one pair of Victoria’s Secret leggings that I wanted to wear on the plane home (and I am not living in). My eyes were firmly set on Sephora, and I didn’t walk by one without popping my head in. I needed to stock up on some Anastasia Beverly Hills items and I had my eye on a few more things. I also dragged Conor into every CVS/ Walgreens/ Rickys NYC etc because I have an obsession with American drugstore makeup. I will be doing a separate haul post on all of the items I picked up and what my thoughts are on them.

Ok let’s go through my fab weekend in NYC, starting at the start.


I wasn’t flying first class, but I do love flying with Aer Lingus, especially when the flight is direct! Bonus- our plane was one that had two seats, four seats and two seats so Conor and I had own little area. I am the most awkward person in the world and the last time Conor and I flew together I spilled my drink on the guy next to us, so the fact that it was just the two of us was a mini luxury.


I kept it comfortable for flying-

*It may seem like I am Hollister obsessed but the reality is that my sister works there. I do really like their jeans so I bought them recently, the scarf was a gift from her at Christmas and I borrowed the jumper from her. 


I had to pick up Asking for it at the airport and I read it cover to cover before we landed. This book is amazing and looks at topic that is so relevant in 2016. There were moments when I genuinely couldn’t stop crying and I am sure some other passengers thought I was a weirdo but I don’t really mind. I cannot recommend this book enough, it is so well written and a really important look at consent and social media. Order ASKING FOR IT here.


Had to grab a giant slice of Pizza when we landed, when in NYC! To avoid the temptation of an afternoon nap, Conor and I dropped our bags off at the hotel and went for a stroll. Time Square was our doorstep which was amazing, a really great location to stay if you want that tourist style New York experience. We stayed at Hotel Edison, which is a hotel from the 1920s, very art deco (think American Horror stories hotel). It wasn’t particularly modern, but it was lovely and our bed was ridiculously large and really comfortable.

img_0409 img_0408

Friday night Conor and I headed to Madison Square Gardens to see the New York Knicks play the Memphis Grizzlies. Thanks to my besty Greta, we saved so much money on our tickets. As an ex-New York resident she advised that we buy our tickets on the day via Stub Hub rather than booking in advance. We save about $60 in total and got great seats….If we wanted to get any closer it actually cost hundreds (even thousands).


The game was fun, I just loved having a giant beer and a giant foam finger. I am not a sporty person, but the whole experience is really ‘American’, there are cheerleaders running out, celebrity fans in the audience getting shout outs, tee-shirt guns, it’s like a circus.


I couldn’t be happier with my foam finger! I was going for a dressy/casual look, like I am so glam but I didn’t really try… although I had this outfit planned about a week in advance.

I wore:


I kept my makeup simple with a smokey eye from the MAC warm neutral palette and MAC spice liner on my lips.




One of the best and worst things about Conor is that he is such a feeder! He is one of the reasons why I will never have abs, but it is totally worth it when he sneaks out first thing in the morning so I wake up to coffee and Dunkin’ doughnuts!


We were about 10 minutes away from Central Park so we headed there Saturday morning for a stroll. There was very little snow out and about on the streets but as soon as you enter central park you see blankets of white everywhere. It was so pretty.



What I Wore:





Conor and I spend the afternoon strolling around the American Museum of Natural History. Ok so I am not a history buff, and I was really there for the dinosaurs, but we couldn’t find the dinosaurs for about and hour and the rest of it was actually really interesting… just not as interesting as the dinosaurs. We saw the titanosaurs which is the biggest animal to ever walked the earth. It is 40m longs, which is why I couldn’t get a picture it, it’s too bloody big!


Because it took us so long to find the dinosaurs, and I only had doughnuts for breakfast I got really hangry (hungry/angry) and we ended up in a bit of a fancy pants place for lunch because it was the only place that could seat us right away. Porter House is located at Columbus Circle Mall and has amazing views of Central Park, if I were ever to go back I would do dinner here. We enjoyed giant burgers and I obviously opted for extra bacon.


For our actual dinner we headed to the Standard, which I had booked a month in advance and was really excited about. Everything about this place is so fab and cool. The cocktails were amazing and the food was delicious, I had the strip steak and crispy potatoes. unfortunately it was during this meal that my jet lag decided to kick in, in the form of nausea. The food was amazing and I just couldn’t finish it, and rather than staying out all night enjoying drinks and the fabulous views from this hotel, we ended up leaving earlier than planned and getting a good nights sleep…how unglamourous!




What I Wore:



My makeup was pretty standard but I did wear one of my new Sephora purchases! The Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick in requiem.



Nausea behind me, we headed to the Brooklyn diner, which is not located in Brooklyn, for Sunday morning Pancakes and coffee!


We had planned on going ice skating on Saturday but I was way too hangry, so we went on Sunday instead. I basically hated every moment of this, I was totally convinced that I would fall and knock out my teeth. It had been a couple of years since I last went skating and neither Conor nor I were naturals and we had to hold onto the edge pretty much the whole time. We did laugh quite a bit but it was masking my sheer terror! Anyway, it is one more thing ticked off the bucket list: ice skating in Central park.




Our hotel was about 3 minutes away from a Shake Shack, but it was packed every time we walked by, so while the Superbowl was on, we snuck down and got shakes and burgers. It goes without saying that I did not miss the half time show- #QueenBey.




We then headed to a nearby rooftop bar for drinks.

What I wore:





What I Wore:

We woke up Monday morning to snow! Although it wasn’t heavy enough to delay our flight to keep us in NYC! We headed back to central park via Time Square, and then hit up a few shops for some last-minute gifts and things. For lunch we decided to go to Bubba Gump Shrimp for lunch which was my only food related regret throughout the whole trip! This was my first and last time visiting here, I am a shrimp and prawn lover and this place was just BLEH.

Now here are some random pictures of New York from our random walk abouts.









I have a new-found respect for Vloggers, I decided to put together some of the videos from my snapchats over the weekend, and it was really stressful! Also choosing a song didn’t seem that significant 20 minutes ago and now that it’s all done I really wish I had spent a five minutes searching for something more appropriate. Anyway, you watch some of the videos from the weekend to give you more of an in depth look at the trip. If you want to follow me on snapchat you can click here or add ginakiely. While your following me, you may as well head over to my Instagram @ginakiely_  and give that a follow too 😉


So that was our short but sweet trip to NYC this month. I absolutely loved every minute, and I love visiting this city with Conor. He was a very patient photographer and the best travel companion.

This post is one of my longest ever, just shy of 2000 words, so don’t expect another post this week…  I am tapped out for a few days! If you have any questions about places I visited or where to eat etc, please let me know in the comments below!

Hope you having a fabulous February,

until next

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If you missed one of my recent post, than you may not know why my blog has been a little neglected lately. You can read my excuses here. 


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