Instagood January 2016 | A monthly roundup

My first Instagood post of 2016! My year has gotten off to a great start, and I hope yours has too. January wasn’t a particularly wild month, but it wasn’t too bad. January is always a cold and dark month anyway, so I like to stay in and chill out. Staying in isn’t always by choice, and I was so broke after Christmas that I didn’t quite have a choice about staying in for most of the month.



New Year, new fragrance! Santa left me a gift set of Maybe baby from Benefit under the tree and it is a lovely fragrance for day to day. I love the packaging, the body lotion is in a beautiful rose gold, and makes a great addition to my dresser. You can buy this fragrance here.


Before we got back to work and back to reality, my family and I headed to Platform Pizza in Bray for cocktails and food. This is an amazing spot, a little quirky restaurant that specialises in Pizza, but offers a lot of other options on the menu. The highlight of my meal was when we shared a nutella pizza- it was AMAZING! A pizza base covered in nutella, chocolate sauce, strawberries, nuts and a huge dollop of ice cream. I will be back here very soon for another slice of this insane dessert.



My favourite spot for a catch up and coffee lately has to be Balfes in town. The decor, the service and the drinks are always fab! And I always love a marble table for a cute flat lay pic!



With all my nights in, I had no excuse not to head to the gym this month. Did I mention I have a pair of Nike Roshe runners? I haven’t stopped talking about these shoes since Conor got them for me at Christmas, they are so comfortable that I refuse to wear anything else! I was more excited about these shoes than my first pair of Louboutin’s… what is wrong with me! FYI my runners were about half the price because I fit into the kids size (uk 5). Shop here.



The best way to start a week is with fresh and clean sheets. I can’t sleep these days without my silky leopard eye mask from Zara, one of the best purchases I have ever made. It prevents me from being tempted to checking my phone or do anything other than relax when I get into bed. If you have issues getting to sleep at night, I highly recommend trying one out. Shop here.



Shameless Selfie! I decided to colour my hair darker again, and this picture inspired me. I no longer wanted those lighter colours at the end of my hair, which are really obvious in this black and white picture.


ESSENTIALS- what I cannot leave the house without. That Winter sun means I always have my Ray Ban aviators with me. My wallet is one I have had for years and is Alexander McQueen. My key ring bobble is from eBay.



Shameless Selfie, I was pretty happy with my liquid eyeliner on this day so I had to take a picture! BTW my liquid liner is one from Dealz that cost me €1.49, and I am really impressed by it. It’s not the liner I have ever used, but it does a good job and is relatively easy to apply.


A very sweet January pick me up that arrived in my house this month was the SOSU nail polish set. I really like the colours in the SOSU collection and I think that the bottles are really beautiful. I am terrible at DIY manicure and I just cannot get this polish to last more than a day without chipping. The blueberry and pomegranate nail polish remover smells UNREAL! It is so fresh and fruity and works perfectly. Shop SOSU here.


Typical of January, there was about a week in the middle where I was ridiculously under the weather. There was a very sever headcold/ flu doing the rounds and I of course caught it. I got an amazing delivery of The Body Shop Drops Of Youth collection at the best moment possible, when the cold had made my skin feel totally dehydrated and tight. I am really enjoying this range so far, and my skin is definitely feeling the benefits of this beautiful range. I will have an in-depth post on these products soon, but I do want to test out the range fully for about a month first. See more from The Body Shop here. 



My January was may 100% better as I got to see these two. Myself, Karl and Deborah have been friends for 10 years now, well the two of them have been friends about 12 years and I met them 10 years ago. Karl lives in the Arab Emirates so I only get to see him every couple of months, and I was thrilled when he told us he would be home for his birthday in January. This photo above makes me laugh so hard because you can see in Deborah’s face she’s about to do something. That something was ‘pretending’ to blow out Karl’s candle, which turned into her actually blowing out his candle. Happy Birthday Karl! x



We had to toast to Karl’s birthday with some beautiful bubbles. Fair play to anyone who had a dry january, I didn’t really go out for drinks and nights out, I did still enjoy a glass of wine here and there.



UGH I am not actually becoming one of those gym addicts, I SWEAR! But I do love an all black look.



Greta is my favourite gal, and I have mentioned her several times on here. A few months ago she joined me for a H&M party and randomly sent me through this picture last month, and as someone who hates having their picture taken, I love this! If I were to get my outfit photos taken properly she would 100% be my first choice photographer. She is not a professional but she always takes the nicest pictures of me, which sounds really vain, but I usually hate pictures taken of me. I usually look very awkward in pictures, but she always manages to catch me laughing and looking genuinely happy, and less posed.



Speaking of Greta, her and I took a little trip to Lauduree in Dublin and enjoyed some teas and macarons. This is such a gorgeous little spot, we already have plans to return for their new afternoon tea menu.



As much as I try to stick with green tea, the cold and long days in January sometimes require strong coffees. When I work in town I will regularly found in Balfes, as mentioned above.



Can you tell I got a new app? I love playing with new filters and editing photos.



When it is so cold out and I am having a lazy saturday, I will usually be chilling out with Smokey watching Netflix. I am a total crazy cat lady, and smokey just the cutest cat I have ever met!



My favourite DIY nail colour has to be Birthday Suit by Sally Hansen in Miracle gel. The colour is an opaque blush pink, and the miracle gel formula means that my manicure will last about a week chip free. Shop this lovely polish here.



Tea is always a good idea! Staying while the weather is wild, sipping on hot tea and keeping cosy on the couch is a great way to spend a Sunday.



I ended the month by adding a semi permanent chocolate dye to my hair. I don’t want to commit to a permanent colour because I do like some of the lighter colours in my hair, so the casting creme glosses are ideal. I love how soft and shiny these glosses make my hair, and it is so easy to do! See a full post on these colours here.


SO there you have it, that was my January! My February has been crazy so far, I am just back from a long weekend in New York and I have a couple of exciting things coming up too. Make sure you are following me on Instagram @ginakiely_ so you can keep up to date throughout the month. I hope you are having a great month too.

Until next time,

Signature 1



I am so obsessed with my new nouveau lashes, with Valentine’s day coming up I will be wearing these gorgeous strip lashes for a flirty look. Read all about them here. 


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