I have been a Bad Blogger | January update 2016

I have been writing Classic and Wilde for two and a half years now and over that time I have consistently posted blogs 3 times a week, or a minimum of 2 on the odd occasion. In general I post Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and every so often I will only post Tuesday and Thursday when I am particularly busy. So far in 2016 I have posted seven (this is eight) times when I should have posted about eleven times or so. I don’t like to post unless I have content I genuinely want to share, and posts that I would enjoy reading. January has been a crazy month so far, and I am hoping that February will be time for me to get back on track, but for now I thought I would fill you in on what has been holding me back from my usual routine.




If you don’t know me personally or read every single one of my posts, than you may not know that I have my own business, The Link Marketing, which I own with two of others. We are an online marketing company that works with small and medium size businesses and manages all aspect of their online presence and marketing activities. The company is relatively young, and it has been taken a lot of hard work to get it to where it is today. In the second half of last year it seemed like everything lined up for us and we have been busier than ever. We won an award from the FAI for our work with Cabinteely F.C. and since then things have been crazy! As much as I love my blog, it is my hobby so the business has to come first. I am so happy to be working really hard, all hours of the day and getting to work with really exciting clients. The downside is that at the end of the day, the last thing I usually want to do is write a new blog post as I have usually been on my computer writing content all day. My blog is a creative outlet, but there are days when I feel creativly drained after working on campaigns and strategies and I do not want to post here just for the sake of it. Life is all about balance, and I am trying to strike the right balance between work and life, but at the same time I want this business to be my career so now is the time for me to work my ass off.

Free time:


This month I have been pretty boring apart from a couple of casual outings with friends. I am not exactly doing dry january, it’s more like broke january so most of my weekends have consisted of nights in. My blog is inspired by my real life, I don’t operate like many other bloggers who will actually shoot looks on a schedule, which makes a lot more sense. I usually take selfies on my way out of the door in a rush! This month I have been wearing my Nike runners with leggings and oversized jumpers, so there’s not a lot of fashion to share at the moment. I have actually managed to go for dinner on two separate occasions this month wearing my Nike runners, I am just not in the mood these days the get dolled up.
As a reader you might think that it sounds pretty sad, but to be totally honest I love the quiet life. January is so dark and cold that I just think staying in, watching Big Brother and chilling out is much more appealing than dressing up and heading out ( I sound so old!).

Planning for the year:


Next Friday I will be in NYC for a mini break, so I have been saving all my money for that trip, which means I wasn’t scouring the sales this January. Usually think time of year I will have a couple of  ‘bargain’ style posts about amazing sale finds, but I made a conscious decision to save my money for Sephora. I also have a couple of loose plans in place for the year, so I am hoping to post a lot more travel related posts this year.  If you have any recommendations for food, shopping, activities and more in New York I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Keep your eyes peeled on the blog in the coming weeks for plenty of New York posts.



New year, new me… we are all on the same buzz right?! This will be the year that I actually get toned… hopefully. I am spending more time (compared to December, but that isn’t hard) in the gym this month. I am mainly weightlifting (nothing impressive, but I’ll get there) with a little bit of cardio for warming up/ warming down. Last Summer I had been living in the gym, in the lead up to my holiday and I was pretty happy with what I achieved, but since my vacation it all went slightly down hill. This year I really hope I can stick to my routine, and make a sustainable change to my lifestyle. The other side of that has been my diet, which is a little hit and miss. I don’t have a particularly unhealthy diet, but I don’t eat enough of the foods that I should. My goal for January is to not quite diet, because January is a tough enough month as it is without depriving myself.  I do plan to eat more vegetables and greens, with the plan being my huge portions of vegetables will fill me up and I’ll be less tempted to reach for biscuits. I am a total carb lover and usually have a carb with every meal with only a small amount of greens, so this year I am trying to increase my vegetables and lower my sugary foods. Obviously I am not a nutritionist, but it makes more sense to me that I try to eat more natural foods versus processed.


So that is my excuse/ update as to why I have been absent from the blog. January is a tough month so I hope to have things back to normal in February, but I do have over 300 post on this blog so take a browse through some of my categories such as beauty, fashion and lifestyle.


I hope you are all having a great month, and that 2016 is treating you well so far.

Until next time,

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One of my new year’s resolutions has been to treat my skin better, and the Nip + Fab glycolic pads are a product I am loving this year. 



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