Happy 2016- A little late I know, but better late than never. My New Years was low-key again this year, I know it is not just me who thinks that New Year’s Eve is totally over-rated. I am a New Years Scrooge, but I am ok with that. I hate queueing, I hate paying admission to bars (that are free 364 days a year), I hate packed places that are sweaty, I hate not being able to order a drink and I hate not finding a seat. You can never find a taxi home and you have squeezed into a dress even though all you have done for a week previous is eat!  Yes I am a 60-year-old trapped in a 28 year olds body, and I am fine with that. To be honest I think most people hate New Years, just like me, but we all put on this facade that it is so festive and fun.

This year I took my Scrooge attitude back to Dalkey and visited the Queens, after a couple of glasses of Champagne by the fire in Conor’s house. I love Dalkey on days like this, the place is always busy, but not insane, there’s a great atmosphere and I always end up bumping into people I actually want to see, and there is still space to breath and you can usually find a seat.



I started the year as I mean to go on: in all black. I haven’t bought anything sparkly in a long time, and the weather that night was freezing cold, so I wanted to stay warm and look chic. The top I am wearing is from Zara and actually looks way better in person, it has a pleating detail and is really flattering on. I stuck with my classic black leather leggings because they are so comfortable and actually fit me after a week-long binge of eating everything in sight.


Zara pleated top // Similar here
Zara leather trousers //Shop here 
Zara lace up heels // Similar here
ASOS faux fur jacket // Similar here

I love the criss-cross detail at the back of the top, it really makes it for me. The skinny straps are my bra- I need to purchase a new strapless bra so for the night I just went with a dainty and strappy lace bralette.This bralette actually worked really well, as it also has strap details at the front which peeked out from the deep v neck.

Feeling a little John Snow with my faux fur on my shoulders- Winter is here! This night was freezing so I wasn’t wearing anything other than my faux fur jacket, which is ridiculously cosy.

I didn’t do anything crazy with my makeup, kept to the usually smokey eye and nude lip. In person I had quite dramatic lashes on, but they didn’t really photograph well. 

I had a great time in Dalkey, but the highpoint of my night was when Conor asked me if I wanted Dominos in the wee hours, of course I said YES! We are such fatties.

How was your NYE? Did you manage to avoid large crowds and over priced drinks like me? If I had my way, next year I would be on a beach for New Year’s, better start buying lottery tickets.


Until next time,

Signature 1



For my New Year Glow I am wearing He-Shi 1 hour rapid tan. See my full review here. 


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