15 best moments of 2015

Happy New Year! I am a little late, but I was enjoying my Christmas break so much, I couldn’t publish this sooner. While taking my break, I took some time to reminisce over the past year, and take into account some of my highlights and low points from the year, and what I would like to achieve over the next 12 months.

If you are suffering from the Monday back to work blues than I highly recommend that you take a scroll through Facebook and instagram to remind yourself of some great moments over the past twelve months, and let your mind wander as to what 2016 could bring.

Today I wanted to share with you 15 of the best moments of my 2015, in no particular order. 15 points of the year when I was happiest or felt I had achieved something.

  1. Going to the ball– Over the past couple of years I have attended a charity ball that takes place in each February. I adore any opportunity to get really dolled up, I buy a gown, book in for a makeup appointment, do my tan and everything else. Although the night tends to fly by so fast, getting ready actually is one of my favourite elements. I always have a great time with Conor anyway but on this night we laughed so much. For my full outfit details click here. 
    IMG_8367 Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 10.43.57

  2. Conor playing for the League of Ireland– So it wasn’t quite my achievement or moment, but at the beginning of this year Conor earned a place on the Cabinteely FC League of Ireland team. If you are like me (12 months ago) then this means nothing to you, but it was a life-long dream for Conor, literally! He’s been playing football since he could walk so when he was invited to join the team I was overjoyed for him. Playing at this level meant he had to be a lot more dedicated than ever before so Friday night date nights couldn’t happen throughout the year, but it was worth it for him to be this happy. I certainly wasn’t a WAG, but it was so inspiring to see his hard work pay off, and I learned a little bit more about football.
  3. Valentine’s Day– I LOVE LOVE! Conor and I usually do Valentines day different from most, I hate going to packed restaurants and eating from set menus, so on Valentine’s day we avoid the standard date night. Last year we went bowling, which is one of our favourite/ dorkiest activities. I won (obviously, because when it comes to bowling I am bizarrely competitive) and then Conor and I exchanged gifts. He treated me to a gorgeous Jo Malone scent, that isn’t even half way through. I love to receive perfumes, as they are a gift that continues to give, long after the day has passed. Read more about our Valentines here.
  4. Seafield Golf and Spa– Over five years ago, when Conor and I first started seeing each other, he surprised me with a trip to Seafield for my birthday. Ever since then we have headed down at least once a year for a mini break. It is my favourite hotel in Ireland, everything about it is beautiful, comfortable and a little bit luxurious. I am hoping to head back down at some point in 2016, but at the moment I don’t have any plans. See all the details from our trip here. 
  5. Shanahan’s on the Green– My Valentine’s gift to Conor was dinner in Shanahan’s on the Green, as I mentioned above we spent Valentine’s day bowling, and enjoyed an amazing steak dinner a couple of weeks later. This was my second time having dinner here with Conor, and it has to be my favourite restaurant in Dublin for a special occasion. The food is incredible and the service is second to none. If you really want to go, than I suggest being a little cheeky and bringing someone for a birthday/ special occasion as it is just as enjoyable for you as it is them. For all the details on our Shanahan’s date night, click here. 
  6. My god-daughter’s Christening– My cousin and his wife asked me at Christmas 2014 to be Godmother to their daughter Mia, and of course I said yes. Early 2015 was Mia and her twin brothers Christening, and the day was really lovely. Mia is my only god child and I love spending time with her, whenever I get the chance. Below is Mia and I at her Christening and then in November at her first birthday. I am nowhere near thinking about having babies myself, so it is lovely to have a little angel in my life, without the full responsibility. I actually love buying for her on special occasions and always treat her to gorgeous little dresses and even a faux fur coat for her birthday. See all the details from her Christening here.
  7. Maryborough Hotel and Spa– I knew at the beginning of this year I wouldn’t get a chance to travel the world as much as I would like, so Conor and I took on a couple of mini trips within Ireland. After almost 5 years together, this was our first time visiting Cork as a couple, isn’t that crazy! The Maryborough hotel is stunning, however I did write about how unusual our room was (Bath tub in the center of our suite). I love Cork, and I would love to go back soon with Conor, but I would also like to visit some new places in Ireland too. See all of the details from Maryborough here.

  8. The Irish Beauty Blog awards: This was the first year I was longlisted, and subsequently shortlisted for an award for my blog. I was in total shock when I received an email from The Irish Beauty Blog Awards to say that I was shortlisted for the best fashion blog award. I knew that winning was mission impossible, as I was up against incredible bloggers such as Pippa O’Connor (who was the well deserving winner, I am a huge fan of hers), but the fact that I was short listed was amazing. Although I can see the traffic and activity my blog gets, you don’t always know if someone is appreciating the hours of hard work each post requires. To be nominated alone was a huge accomplishment and I allowed myself to feel pretty proud for a night. The night was a lot of fun, and Conor, aka my biggest supporter, was my date. Read all about the night here.
  9. Puerto Rico– After a Winter that felt like an eternity, Conor and I headed off to Puerto Rico for ten days of rest and relaxation. It had been so long since I had been able to take a break from emails and work and everything else, that a break in the sun exactly what I needed. Conor and I chilled out for 10 days, with our most strenuous activity being dolphin spotting, That was a huge highpoint of my year, it was really magical to see these gorgeous creatures in their natural habitat. You can see some of my holiday activities here. 
  10. FAI Communication awardsThe Link Marketing ( the company I am co-owner/ co-founder of) became an award-winning agency this year! We garnered international attention for our client Cabinteely FC and the FAI awarded us ‘Best Social Media Initiative‘ at the annual ceremony which took place in Sligo. I love a road trip, I love a reason to celebrate, but it is really amazing to have an organisation such as the FAI recognise our hard work.  See all of the details from the awards here. 
    IMG_2651 IMG_2654
  11. My birthday– I used to love my birthday, but lately I find it too stressful. One reason being that I don’t feel 28, I feel like I am still 16 and because you have to organise a venue, find something to wear, invite everyone and hope someone actually shows up. My first panic was when my gorgeous dress arrived and it just looked terrible on me, I HATE THAT! I did find a lovely white lace dress in Soho Market on my lunch hour in a total rush, and I love it! So lucky! This year I decided to have a small dinner with close friends, in Soder + Ko, and invited everyone else to join for drinks afterwards. The food was amazing, but the company was even better. We ended up heading over to the Market Bar, and eventually The Black Door, before Conor treated me to a burger from the van on Harcourt street in the very wee hours. He knows me so well!  You can see all the details from my birthday here.
  12. Electric Picnic– My second year attending the music and arts festival, and it was totally worth the week of back pain from sleeping on the ground. I don’t know if anything could ever beat the first time, just because that year was so perfect, but this year was still fantastic. My highlights included Sam Smith, Florence and the Machine and playing with puppies (not a band, a pen full of rescue dogs). I am really lucky that I have a fun ‘picnic family’ to go with, who I love spending the weekend with. You can see all the details from my weekend here.
    IMG_4839 IMG_4843
  13. Clay Pigeon Shooting– My dad turned 60 this year, which is insane because I remember his 50th like it was yesterday. To mark the occasion we wanted to surprise him with a fun family activity. We all headed down to The K Club in Kildare and tried our best at clay pigeon shooting. As a family of five, we don’t get to do that much together, it is quite difficult to get everyone in the same place at the same time, so this did take some planning and was totally worth it. I had the best time shooting, as did the whole family. This was my first time shooting anything, and I would love to go back again. Read all the details here. 
  14. Halloween– Halloween is my favourite day/ time of the year. I probably get more excited about it than I do with my birthday or Christmas. I start planning my makeup weeks in advance, and practice applying the fake blood and liquid latex to see what gorey looks I can create. This year I opted for a zombie, it was a look I practiced last year I wish I had worn on the night. You can see how I put this look together here.


  15. Christmas Party– As I mentioned above, I am a co-founder of a small digital marketing agency, and one of the highs of this year was attending our Christmas party and ending the year on such a positive note. We worked really hard this year, and it has all paid off. We grew our company from nothing, and I am so happy with how many clients we have now, and the direction and shape this business is taking. We celebrated an amazing year at Feather Blade, which is an amazing steak restaurant. Read all about it here.


2015 was not all highs, but I like to think that the lows make the better moments even sweeter. As a year passes I have said goodbye to some people in my life but also welcomed some wonderful new friendships. A part of growing up is changing, and it is important to keep close friendship that are mutually supportive and caring. Just like everything in life, you get what you give and I have learned to appreciate the quality of friendships, over the quantity.

These were 15 of the best moments of my year, however there were countless more, big and small that made 2015 an amazing year. I would love to thank everyone who supported me throughout 2015, every person who followed my blog or simply stumbled upon it.
My family and friends have been beyond supportive in all aspects of my life, including this blog, so I am starting 2016 feeling grateful and excited.


I hope you had a wonderful 2015, with lots of adventures, loved ones and laughter. Until next time,
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