He-Shi 1 Hour Rapid Tan | Keeping the Winter Blue (skin) at Bay

I have spoken of my love for He-Shi liquid tan in the past, you can read here, and I have now been converted to their 1 hour rapid version.

I usually take the approach of ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ when it comes to beauty products that work for me, but when my classic tanner was sold out I opted for this version and have never looked back. So the basic idea is that you can rinse off this tan within an hour of application for the same golden glow that the classic tan offers. The cherry on top is that the longer you leave the tan, the darker your colour will become up until 4 hours later. I personally will apply the tan before bed, allowing it to develop overnight for the darkest result. I have on occasion been in a rush and only been able to allow the product develop for one to two hours and been very impressed with the colour.


To achieve the best colour I will usually exfoliate before and apply the product to my skin using a velvet mitt and leave over night. Once the tan has developed I will then moisturise my skin, which will help prolong the colour and help it fade evenly.

Pros of He-Shi rapid 1 hour tan: 

  • Very easy to apply- the guide colour is golden brown which means that it is very easy to spot any white patches. The liquid glides on so easily and only a small amount is needed.
  • I find that the tan absorbs and dries almost instantly. Gone are the days when I would have to stand, arms stretched for 20 minutes waiting for tan to dry. I can get dressed within two minutes of applying He-Shi rapid 1 hour tan and the classic liquid tan.
  • The colour is very natural looking and does not have an orange tone like others.
  • The colour fades very naturally, and I never have patches of stubborn tan that won’t shift.
  • The tan can last about a week, fading slightly with each shower.
  • There isn’t a bad odour or overpowering smell.
  • A bottle can last months, as only a few drops are needed to tan large areas of skin.
  • This formula has ingredients that moisturise the skin, such as pentavitin, and does not contain parabens.
  • It suits everyone! Ok so I can’t speak for everyone, but between a bunch of friends, my mum and my sisters, we all have different colouring and skin types and everyone who has tried it has loved the results.

Shop He-Shi 1 hour rapid tan here.

Now for the results, just to give you a heads up that I am only using an iPhone camera and all of these pictures were taken with artificial light as we are in the depths of winter and I didn’t have a change to get images using natural light.

BEFORE: No tan applied, again sorry about the lighting!

AFTER: Look at that golden gorgeousness.

THE NEXT DAY- I love the colour, and it really does last for a long time.


My only criticism of this tan is that is it only available in the 150ml bottle, while the classic tan is available in both 150ml and 300ml.

Shop here. 

Have you tried any of the He-Shi products? I am such a huge fan of their range.
This is actually my last post of 2015, I will be back in January, but I am taking a break throughout Christmas. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my readers for a great 2015, and wish you all a wonderful Christmas. You can keep up to date with me on Instagram (@ginakiely_) and snapchat: GinaKiely.

Until 2016,

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My last outfit post of 2016 is from my Christmas party, see all of the details here. 


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