Lash Gang | Nouveau Strip Lashes

I recently joined a gang, a LASH GANG! Nouveau lashes, which are the lashes I get applied at Hyde Grooming (read here), invited me to join their Lash Gang, which is basically a group of fabulous ladies, and possibly gents, who have an obsession with long, voluminous and fluttering lashes.

To start off, Nouveau lashes sent me a couple of products to try out:

  • Conditioning Serum– the best-selling lash conditioning serum enhances natural lashes. I have been applying this day and night for healthier and longer lashes. I have also been applying it to my eyebrows in the hope that it will help with some bald patches! Shop here.
  • Fine Point Tweezers– the professional grade fine point tweezers for applying lashes. I am not going to lie, the first time I used these tweezers I was terrified, they are seriously pointy and I thought I could poke my eyeball out. Although you do have to be careful using them, these tweezers are amazing for getting the lashes exactly where you want them. Shop here.
  • Striplashes– I had style 3 which are a gorgeous set of natural looking lashes that look so fluttery on, I love them. Shop here. 
  • Striplash Adhesive– I have been hearing about this glue for MONTHS from Roisin from The Fashionista Observer, she is obsessed. I have to say, I am really impressed. My lashes didn’t budge, and the glue applied to the lashes really smoothly. Shop here.
  • Pro lash tool– This is a really handy with disposable mini brushes for brushing lashes. This is pretty great for brushing out excess mascara, when my mascara has gone a little clumpy. This will also come in handy when I get my lash extensions back in, for combing and straightening them out after I sleep funny and squish them. Shop here. 


More than once I have totally ruined my eye makeup and a perfectly good pair of lashes by messing up the application process. Either I use too much glue, glue the lashes to the wrong place or just end up with a wispy little ball of what used to be fabulous lashes. Luckily Nouveau lashes had a really easy to follow tutorial on their youtube chanel, which helped me use my new strip lashes and tweezers.



Here is a closer look at the lashes, they are so gorgeous.


I was really happy with how the lashes went on, no mistakes this time!


The band on these lashes is so dainty and almost sheer that you can not see it at all when on.

Usually when I get home after a night out the first thing I want to do is whip off my lashes, but these are so lightweight they hadn’t bothered my all night. I would also like to note that my eyes are pretty sensitive, and the glue did not irritate my eyes at all.



The final look, I am so annoyed I didn’t get any pictures of my entire outfit, but that just means I can wear it again over Christmas and nobody will know!

You can buy all of the products I mentioned here from Nouveau Lashes.

If strip lashes are not your thing, then read my post about the lash extensions here. 

Until next time,

Signature 1



Check out my lash extension post here. 


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