Christmas Gift List | I got it for my Momma

I have shared a couple of gift lists with you all so far, which you can check out here, and I am back with one for all the Mommas. This list is inspired from what I would love to get for my mum, so these items may not be totally suitable for everyone, but I am hoping they might help you find the perfect gift. This list is also great for grannys, aunts, friends and other fabulous females in your life.

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  1. My mum recently discovered Mint Velvet and is totally addicted, particularly to their knitwear. This is a great brand for buying modern classics, simple style with a slightly modern twist. This cardigan is really cool in my opinion, the shape and pattern is pretty classic, but the tassel trim adds an edge to the piece. Shop here
  2. My mum has so many classic pieces of jewellery, rings and necklaces she has been collecting her entire life, but she lacks some costume pieces from her collection. I thought this Aurelie Bidermann snake ring would be a really cool piece to wear when she’s having a girls night out. Shop here.
  3. Like most women, my mum loves a good eye cream. She actually has great skin that looks young, but the eye area is the first place that we age. I have no idea what the best eye cream in the world is, but I have heard great things about this collection from Estee Lauder, and this eye balm is supposed to be incredible. Shop here.
  4. When shopping for a handbag, my mum is always practical. She needs a big bag that can fit all of her essentials in, that will go with everything, so she usually sticks to classic black. I would love to treat her to a really pretty bag, ideal for nights out, dinner and drinks. I love this metallic crossbody from DVF, it ticks so many boxes, and the bonus would be the ability to borrow it in the future. Shop here.
  5. Who doesn’t love a candle? Who doesn’t love a candle with their letter on it? My mum’s name is Mary, and I know she would love something like this. This one is cheap and cheerful, and would be a great little gift to give on Christmas day. Shop here.
  6. Gloves are one of those gifts that I think you appreciate more and more as you get older. 10 years ago I would not have been impressed with a pair of leather gloves, now I would love a pair. I know my mum also adores a classic pair of gloves for Winter, and this pair of blush pink are really chic. Shop here.
  7. More eye products, I recently got my mum her first set of eye masks and she is now hooked. These Shiseido masks are great to use as a weekly/ fortnightly treat, or in advance of a special occasion, as they refresh the eye area while firming and tightening the skin. Shop here.
  8. All of my mum’s watches are quite dressy, so I would love to treat her to a classic and beautiful everyday watch. The Olivia Burton watches are perfect as they feature a large dial and a classic leather strap. Shop here.
  9. Another minor obsession of my mum’s is her faux fur throw and scarf collection. In Winter she doesn’t want to leave the house without something extra warm wrapped around here. This super soft scarf from Coast looks really toasty and great to dress up or dress down. Shop here.


If you are looking for something a particular gift this Christmas and need a little assistance, let me know in the comments below and I will help you as best as I can. Happy Shopping!

Until next time,

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If you are looking to buy Irish this Christmas, check out my Irish business gift guide here, and find some fabulous products. 


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