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HOW THE HELL IS IT DECEMBER?! Ok so this year just flew by way too quickly, I feel like it should still be September. I am of course really excited for Christmas, if you couldn’t tell by the amount of Christmas themed posts so far this year!

November was an insane month, and I am about to go through a couple of my high points. Before I get to that I will acknowledge one low point, and that was dropping my phone down the toilet when out for a couple of drinks! I was really lucky that it wasn’t actually damaged and is now working perfectly fine, but for two whole days I was confined to an iPhone 4, which was so frustrating. First world problems eh?! To be fair, if that is one of the worst things that happens to me, I can’t really complain.



A huge high point of my month was spending a Sunday afternoon with my god-daughter on her first birthday. This was the morning after Halloween and I was DYING with a hangover, but cuddles from little Mia totally cheered me up. Conor and I spent the day in Druids Glenn, which is a stunning hotel in Wicklow, with my Mia, her brothers and sister, her parents (my cousins), my Godmother/ aunt (Mia’s grandmother) and lots of other family members and friends.



This was the last year that the Web Summit would be held in Dublin, so Conor, Dill and I attended an evening talk discussing the future of Ireland. To be honest, I was not jealous at all of those attending the conference this year. I attended last year, and although I am so happy to have been, I didn’t feel that I was missing too much this year. I would like to see the Web Summit return to Ireland in the future, as I think for the week it is here the city has an exciting atmosphere.



From where I stand: I am so in love with my over the knee boots. This pair is from ASOS (shop here) and they are surprisingly comfortable. I am so over wearing short skirts and bare legs in Winter, it’s just too cold, so this is my fabulous alternative. It is amazing how warm these bad boys keep my legs.




I was delighted to attend The Body Shop’s Christmas party to launch their new frosted plum range last month. I wrote about the evening and the amazing new products here. There were quite a few Christmas parties in November, so I have been in a festive mood for a couple of weeks already.



One of my favourite days last month was heading to The Meeting House in Temple bar and trying out their new Burmese Brunch menu with Greta. After enjoying a fabulous meal, and a couple of cocktails, we stayed in town all day for a couple of daytime drinks and spent hours chatting and laughing and just catching up on everything.



Speaking of Greta, she gave me a voucher for my birthday (about two months ago) and I hadn’t spent it! I finally decided to put it to good use and treated myself to the new Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation. I just posted up my review of this product here, so you can read what I really think of it.




DATE NIGHT- Conor and I were invited to Soder+Ko (which is one of my top spots you can read about here) for an Absolut Vodka tasting event which was a great excuse for us to go on a date. We stayed in Soder + Ko for a couple of drinks, and got to catch up with a couple of friends but it was so packed that we decided to go to Drury Buildings for a quiet drink just the two of us.



Just a couple of essentials, I know I am always going on about my MAC Warm Neutral palette (read more here), and YSL has been my favourite mascara for YEARS, but I have a couple of new additions. As mentioned above I just got my hands on the Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation, and last month Conor surprised me with a bottle of Chanel no 5. Shop all of these items here.



The middle of November marked the second year anniversary of Conor and I moving back to Ireland after spending twelve months in Las Vegas. This picture was taken by Conor’s brother Dill when he visited and those shadows are myself, Conor and all of Dills friends as we enjoy the Bellagio fountain. You can read all about my amazing year in Las Vegas here.



DATE NIGHT AGAIN- this was actually a date weekend, Conor and I went to the cinema the night before to see The Hunger Games, and the next day we headed to House for dinner and cocktails. This was the night that I dropped my phone down the toilet but up until that point the evening had been amazing! The food is always good here and the customer service is beyond amazing! We were sitting in the garden, which is heated but I had a blanked draped over me as it was a little chilly, and next thing our server brings me a HOT WATER BOTTLE! I love little touches like that, it really makes the experience.




Ok so this picture is filtered to bits, but my hair was crazy shiny anyway! I attended the Mane ‘n Tail Christmas event and got to bring home a couple of their products to try and I loved my results. See all the details of what I used here. 



THROWBACKTHURSDAY- This time last year I was in Bucharest with this fab group. One of our friends Tiernan organises mystery tours where he books flights and accommodation but doesn’t tell us where we are going until we arrive at the airport. I am so sad that I can’t go on the next trip in February, but I will be in New York, so I can’t really complain!



Grafton street in Dublin really knows how to do Christmas decorations, particularly Brown Thomas. Taking a stroll along here after dark is simply gorgeous, but I am totally dreaming of a Chanel Christmas…. (just keep dreaming).



If you are Irish than you probably watched The Late Late Toy Show, and if you are like me you grabbed one a bottle of wine and a Christmas jumper to enjoy it in a friends. Deborah and I watched the Toy Show while dog sitting and getting pretty tipsy, perfect Friday in my books. If you are on the hunt for a fabulous Christmas jumper, click here. 



Sunday Selfie- I ended the month with the Irish Blogger Association 1st birthday party in Lillie’s Bordello. I had a fantastic day, and got to catch up with some of my favourite blogging guys and gals, and even had some fan girl moments when I got to chat with some super bloggers/snapchatters and vloggers. Read a little bit more about the day here. 


So now that December is in full swing, I am sure I will have another packed month with lots of fab fashion, events and general festivities. If you want to keep up to date with my daily randonmess you can follow me on Snapchat- @ginakiely or on instagram @ginakiely_.


I hope you all have a wonderful December, a fabulous Christmas and an amazing New Years!
Until next time,

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If you are looking for some fabulous gifts for Christmas this year, take a look at the Irish companies offering amazing products. 



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