IBA 1st Birthday | What I Wore

Even when I am at a Blog birthday, I still forget that I should be snapchatting everything, taking so many pictures and videos to share. The fact is, on Sunday at the Irish Blog Association birthday, I was having too much fun to remember to take a million pictures.
Luckily I did remember to take a picture of my outfit and makeup before I left the house.



My sister Tara was just in New York and brought me back this fabulous crop top from Forever 21, which I love. As someone who does not have abs or a flat stomach, I only feel comfortable wearing a crop top with high-waisted skirts.



What I Wore: 

Forever 21 Khaki crop top // shop here
Hollister A Line faux leather skirt // similar here
New Look ankle boots // similar here
Louis Vuitton epi leather bag // similar here
H&M circle necklace // similar here



Some of you may notice that my hair is a little shorter, I did decide to chop off a few inches and did it myself the night before I took these pictures. I don’t know what gets into me, but I am too impatient to wait for a visit to the hairdresser and I just want to cut it off there and then. I am really pleased with my DIY job but I don’t think it is for everyone so I probably won’t post about it. I really don’t want messages from people saying they hate their hair after taking mu advice.

My makeup is as follows: 






The day itself was really fun, and my highlight had to be seeing so many of my friends who also blog, and meeting people whose blogs I adore. I had a couple of fan girl moments throughout the day.

If you are a blogger living in Ireland and would like to join the IBA, click here. It is a really fabulous organisation run by Fiona from Cool Events and we regularly get together and have the chats about all this blog/ beauty/ fashion and life.

Until next time,

Signature 1



Speaking of hair, I have a new routine which you can read all about here. 


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