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Happy Wednesday, it is ironic I am writing a hair post when I am personally having a terrible hair day! It was fine when I left the house this morning, but the mix of a wool beanie and the wet weather it is now both flat and frizzy at the same time! Anyway, Saturday I was actually having a really good hair day, and that is all down to the Mane ‘n Tail routine I tried out this weekend.

Last week I was delighted to join Mane ‘n Tail for their Christmas party in House on Leeson street, and I learned quite a lot for one evening. Firstly, I was treated to a hair consultation, where a Mane ‘n Tail expert talked me through my hair’s needs and what products would suit it best. Throughout the night we were also treated to a number of hair tutorials, which will come in handy for the party season. I am not great at up-do’s, and usually wear my hair down, but I think I could take on one of the styles which were shown.


With Kellie from Let Them Have Fashion and Amanda from Blog Beauties.








Before I get into the hair consultation, for anyone who has never come across this brand before and wondering about the name, yes it was originally designed for horses! Equestrians who were using the products on their horses for shows started using the shampoo and conditioner on themselves and loved the results. It is now a really popular hair care brand around the world, and considered a great range for people with long hair (have you ever seen a horse rocking a bob?).

For my hair consultation I talked through my hair type and condition: My roots are my natural colour, my ends have been coloured (DIY Balayage guide here) and I use heated stylers regularly (GHD, Curlers etc.). Armed with this information, I was recommended a three-step hair care process: The Original Shampoo, The Deep Moisturising Condition and the Herbal Essential Spray Therapy.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 13.44.48The Original Shampoo: The original micro-enriched protein formula shampoo promotes gentle cleansing, without stripping natural oils, for fuller, stronger, longer, healthier hair. I was advised to use small amounts of the shampoo at a time, about the size of a €2 coin for each rinse (two). This product is designed for hair that is 5x stronger than human hair, so a little goes a long way. Hair should be completely soaking wet before shampooing, and the first rinse will not create too much of a lather. Focus on the scalp and gently rinse out, on the second rinse you get much more of a lather all over.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 14.20.13Deep Moisturizing Conditioner:
A natural treatment for dry, damaged hair, fortified with proteins and vitamins, to strengthen and nourish hair, retain moisture, and promote healthy, manageable, soft, silky hair. Before applying conditioner, gently squeeze dry your hair to ensure the conditioner is not watered down. I apply conditioner from mid length to the ends, and usually let it sit in my hair for a few minutes before rinsing.


Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 14.23.12Herbal Essential Spray Therapy: A gentle leave-in conditioning spray in a complete Herbal Essentials hair care system that is formulated with natural herbs blended with an olive oil complex to
nourish, strengthen, and protect hair from root to tip, leaving it shiny, silky and more manageable. 
I was advised not to actually spray directly onto my hair, rather onto my hands, where I can then apply it evenly onto damp hair. Again, I would only apply this product from mid length to ends, and avoid the roots. I love this products, it is a conditioner and a heat protector, I usually apply two separate products to my hair for these functions.



The results: My hair was so shiny and manageable that I decided to wear it straight, which I NEVER DO! I am really happy with these results, and delighted I get to have healthy and shiny hair for the party season which is just kicking off.

If you have any questions about this range, please let me know in the comments below and I will try to answer as best as I can.





The featured image at the top of the page is filtered, but these two are not at all. I was really happy with the shine from my hair, and how manageable it was. Usually when I straighten my hair it falls really flat, but I felt my hair had great body. I carried out my usual routine of blow drying damp hair (letting it air dry for about 30 minutes) and then followed with the GHD straightener. I am totally converted, and love how my hair looked and felt after using the Mane ‘n Tail products. Saturday night Conor had to actually ask me what I was doing and if  I was nervous because I had taken a strip of my hair and was constantly stroking it, it wasn’t nerves at all, I was just that obsessed with how soft my hair felt.

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Who else has tested out this range? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,

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I recently attended The Body Shop’s Christmas party and got to try out the new Frosted Plum range, read all about it here. 


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