Feel So Good- Christmas at The Body Shop

It is really not my fault that I already have Christmas on my mind, as I have attended some really gorgeous Christmas events over the past month. One of my favourites was an evening spent with The Body Shop to take a closer look at their new Christmas collection and some of the amazing sets available.


It is always a great start when you are greeted with cupcakes, cake pops and prosecco! The first thing I notice when I walked in was the incredible scent in the air, which was fresh, sweet and a little merry. The new range for Christmas this year was frosted plum, which I wouldn’t think I would be particulalry into, but I adore it! The range includes everything from bath fizzers, body butters to lip balms and candles.

I was lucky enough to bring home some of the collection Β and it is going down a treat. My candle is almost gone as I have been burning it almost every night, it smells so delicious. I enjoyed a bath last week and totally pampered myself with the bath fizzers and luxurious body butter after, my skin was silky smooth and I smelt incredible, if I do say so myself!


I also got to try out a gorgeous quad palette of new eyeshadows, which feature beautiful cool colours and a shimmery silver. This was my first time trying The Body Shop eyeshadows, and I really impressed with it so far. I might do a post for it separately with swatches if that is something anyone would be interested in seeing.

This year The Body Shop have partnered with Water Aid, which is a charity that provides clean water around the world, where dirty water causes illness and disease. When purchasing gifts in The Body Shop this Christmas keep an eye out for the water droplette on the packaging, this represents clean water being provided to a family through your purchase. I love this partnership, so when you give a gift from The Body Shop this year you are helping a family get clean water and giving someone a gorgeous gift they will love.

One of the stand out gifts for me were the two advent calendars available, both with 24 items, one with premium products, and one with standard. I could never give up chocolate, but this type of calendar is way more up my street! Each day you can open one window and find skicare such as soaps, eye gels and hand and nail cream, and beauty tools like eyelash curlers, nail files and makeup brushes.


Image-15 Image-29

I attended the event with my gals Kellie from Let Them Have Fashion and Amanda and Doireann from Blog Beauties, but I also got to catch up with some of my other favourite bloggers.

The Body Shop were providing makeovers, manicures and henna tattoos on the night. I would love to get a really cool henna design, but I think it is more of a summer thing. Also I would love the design for a day or two and then I would just want to scrub it off, as I certainly couldn’t show up to a business meeting with a large black design on my hand.





As mentioned before, the frangrance of this range is beautiful and really distinct. I don’t have anything else similar to the scent of Frosted Plum. I tend to get quite lazy in the Winter when it comes to body-care and moisturising, as I am usually covered up and dresses from head to toe, but I really look forward to smothering myself in the gorgeous body butters from The Body Shop.


Image-25Image-24 Image-23 Image-22 Β Image-20


You can shop the full selection of Frosted Plum products from The Body Shop here:

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 12.08.46


The Body Shop is a great destination when looking for fabulous gifts this Christmas. I have a small selection of amazing gifts here, which are suitable for almost any budget! Shop here.



Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 12.08.54



Who else is a big fan of The Body Shop? I would love to hear what your favourite products are in the comments below.
Until next time,

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Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 12.44.04

I published my first Christmas post of the year, and it is a wish list of gifts from fabulous Irish businesses. See my top picks here.Β 


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