The Meeting House Burmese Brunch

Happy Wednesday, who has plans for the weekend? Well, if you are looking for a cool spot to visit for brunor a central venue to enjoy a cocktail Saturday night, let me tell you all about The Meeting House in Temple Bar.

I was invited along Saturday to taste some of their new Burmese Brunch menu bites and a couple of delicious cocktails. How could I refuse? My friend Greta kindly agreed to join me, and Doireann from Blog Beauties was also attending the feast.

This was my first visit to The Meeting House, which is a new venue located in the middle of Temple Bar in Dublin. The first word that comes to mind when describing this venue is ‘COOL’, there is art everywhere: each table has been painted with a unique image, the ceiling is a giant industrial style mirror and the walls feature incredible art works. The team is extremely knowledgable and the music was laid back but fun. The house band, Gin’n’Juice featuring Jess Kavanagh, were performing some well-known songs, but adding their own twist, for an easy listening vibe.

Now onto the really good stuff: The food! When seated we got to taste some fresh juices, but these were not your standard breakfast juices, I enjoyed the raspberry  and orange juice with a hint of ginger to wake you up.

We were treated to a breakfast martini, which featured marmalade and gin. This is something I would never pick for myself on a cocktail menu, but it was really delicious and refreshing, while also having a kick to it.

Our first course of the Burmese Brunch was a bowl of exotic fruits and coconut shavings. I love fresh fruit, but rarely can put together anything as good as this at home. This bowl had dragon fruit, pomegranate, pineapple and plenty of other delicious and juicy fruits.


My favourite course had to be their take of eggs Benedict: soft poached duck egg on glazed pork belly on top of a bun with Burmese smoked hollandaise sauce. The eggs were perfectly poached and gooey, the pork belly was crispy and the bun was nice and light.

Third course arrived and it was a feast visually with so many gorgeous colours from the asian raw vegetable slaw, a beautiful beef brisket which was wrapped in a Boa Bun. I loved the flavours in this plate, there was a hint of spice but it was not overpowering, the beef was cooked perfectly and the vegetables had a lovely crunch.



At this point we were treated to our second cocktail: the brunch buddy! The best I can describe this concoction is as an alcohol banana smoothie. Totally refreshing, smooth and delicious.

Last, but certainly not least, were the blueberry pancakes. Light and fluffy, there’s not much more I can say, they were the perfect way to wrap up a really delicious brunch.


This brunch is available Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon and each plate is available for €9.99. For more information on The Meeting House, please visit their website here.



Never one to miss an opportunity for a mirror selfie: I kept things simple on Saturday with a vintage black roll neck knit, leather trouser, snake print runners and a camel coat.

Shop here: Roll Neck // Leather Trousers // Trainers // Camel Coat // Louis Vuitton Speedy

After this fantastic brunch, Greta and I went for a stroll about town and found ourselves enjoying some margaritas in No Name bar later that afternoon.



Hope you are all having a nice Wednesday, until next time!

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