Instagood October 2015 | a look back at a great month 

It is officially Winter, can you believe it?! This year has just flown in and Christmas is only about 7 weeks away! Looking back on this year I am so happy with everything I have achieved and accomplished, but I still feel like there is so much more to get done before 2016! Anyone else in the same boat?

October was a great month, I wasn’t out and about too much but I did get to spend time with some really great people. I also ticked a pretty cool thing off my bucket list, which I will fill you in on below.

I did have one major low this month, which was having one of my lower wisdom teeth removed (non surgically which means it was pretty much yanked out) and it getting infected. I was in agony for about a week, was up to my eyes on painkillers and taking an anti antibiotic for the infection. It was not ideal, but it does mean that I never have to deal with that wisdom tooth ever again: silver lining ehh?!


I wasn’t feeling great on a Thursday afternoon at work when Conor asked if I wanted to spend the weekend at his parent’s holiday home in Brittas. Obviously this time of year isn’t when most people want to head down to Brittas Bay, but the thoughts of cozying up by the fire in a ghost town was exactly what I wanted/ needed. Their cottage is so sweet and I loved switching off for an entire weekend. I think we saw about 4 other people the entire weekend, it was so quiet, and I felt really refreshed.

Brittas Bay is not exactly a well-kept secret, and there are few better places to visit on a Summer’s day in Ireland, but it is gorgeous this time of year too. I have always lived in Dublin, so I am a city mouse, but I love switching off and enjoying a really serene atmosphere.



This month was the end of The Great British Bake Off, and we had to mark the moment with some baked goods. I cannot bake to save my life, but M&S have a gorgeous selection of pastries, which are so delicious. From episode one of TGBBO myself, my sisters and my mum each chose a winner and mine was Nadiya, who walked away victorious. This was probably my favourite season so far, but she has to have been my favourite contestant ever-bar none! Her facial expressions were incredible, her bakes were really unique and she seemed shocked every time she was given a compliment. I was so happy she won.


In a golden mood- I was reorganising my makeup and rediscovered some old favourite which I hadn’t touched in forever! I will say that the Urban Decay concealer, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and YSL mascara are daily essentials though. Shop this picture here.


I rarely talk about my job here, because my blog and work are two separate parts of my life, but this month my job was particularly fun. One of my clients is the chicest boutique in Dublin, CocoBoutique, and they celebrated their store makeover and new season collection last month with a store party. I helped organise the event and spent the evening instagramming and tweeting about all of the beautiful fashion. It is crazy how I get to call that work!
The evening was a huge success, and everyone was amazed at how beautiful the store looked, especially the tiled floor- this is now the best spot in Dublin to take a ‘from where I stand’ instagram picture.
If you are shopping in Dublin anytime soon, you have to give this hidden gem a visit on Clarendon street, and then head across the road to Balfes for a coffee or brunch.

Here I am falling in love with a Charlotte Simone scarf before the guests arrived. Shop it here.



After the event at CocoBoutique, I headed out for food and drinks with my sisters, the fabulous Freddy girls and Kellie from Let Them Have Fashion. We did a little tour of town heading to Drury Buildings first, followed by 777, a couple of cocktails in Soder + Ko with a final stop in Dicey Rileys!



The following evening I was attending the Web Awards, as a website our company designed was a finalist for best sports site. I have a full blog post on the evening which you can read all about here. 


When the weather is mild, Autumn is the prettiest season. I love the changing colours and the falling leaves.


My favourite Autumn lip combination- Spice lip liner from MAC and Cashmere Velvetine from Lime Crime. This is a gorgeous greige colour (grey and beige), which is very 90s.


With Halloween around the corner I had to torture my cat and pop on his skeleton costume! HE HATED IT! Although this was a really flimsy piece of fabric, smokey would crawl along acting like there was a slab of concrete on his back. I found this and a witches costume in Dealz for €1.50, they were for dogs but the size medium did fit him.


This month my dad turned 60 and we wanted to mark the occasion with something special. Initially my mum had run the idea of clay pigeon shooting by me as something she could send him off to do with his friends, but I thought it sounded so much fun. I have never shot a gun in my life, and it is one of those bucket list things. We ran the idea by my sisters and everyone was up for trying it out as family activity.
You can read about my full experience here, where we went shooting and the amazing lunch which followed.



The day after my dad’s birthday was my boyfriend Conor’s birthday. You may notice he shaved off his beard which he was rocking at the start of the month. We celebrated his birthday by having drinks with all of his friends and heading into Flannery’s in town. I hadn’t been to Flannery’s in YEARS and it was such a fun night. Conor had a great time, which was the most important thing, look how happy he is!


Hows this for backwards: Conor and I agreed that I wouldn’t get him a birthday present, that I would put some money aside for our trip to NYC early next year where I could treat him there, this was the deal we made, and it was his suggestion. Conor had spent a week in Spain with his dad and on his way home I had asked for a treat from duty free- chocolates or maybe a lipstick if there was a MAC there. He comes back with a huge bottle of Chanel no 5 for me! It is not my birthday, or our anniversary or anything like that. I was obviously delighted, what girl doesn’t like a Chanel shaped surprise, but I felt so guilty as I hadn’t gotten him a gift. He actually brought me back chocolates too, which didn’t last long. Now I need to get him a really amazing birthday present, if you have any suggestions, please let me know below!


One of my favourite people in the world is my girl Edel, who lives in Donegal and I don’t get to see too often. When she is in Dublin we always try to have a catch up and our favourite spot to visit is The Tramyard in Dalkey. I enjoyed a really yummy chicken liver pate which was the perfect snack for our catchup, but I wish I had gotten the upside down cheesecake, which is my favourite item on their menu.


Last but not least, HALLOWEEN! I headed out on Saturday night looking a little worse for wear, but that was my Zombie costume. I shared my full look and a step by step guide to looking this bad, here.

So there you have it, some of the highlights of my October, with the mention of one low, although I am happy to have that tooth gone!
To keep up to date on all my activities in real time, follow my instagram here. You can find all of my social media account by scrolling down (if you are on a desktop).

I hope you also had a great month, and that your November is off to a good start.

Until next time,

Signature 1

L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil Skin Perfection 15 second oil cleanser

Another small low I experience this month was a really bad breakout from using coconut oil on my face, luckily I found 3 amazing products that helped get my skin back to normal. Read about this spot fighting saviours here. 


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