Halloween 2015 | Zombie 

   DIY Zombie costume, Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween…. a few days later! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, I certainly did! If you hadn’t guessed from all of my costume idea posts, Halloween is one of my favourite days of the year, up there with Christmas.
I have always loved dressing up, and playing with makeup and different costumes.
This year I wanted to go creepy and decided to go for a Zombie look, as it is just so fun to put together. Last year I made a DIY Zombie post, and I regretted not doing that look on the night itself.

All I needed to create this look was:


Normal Makeup 

DIY Zombie costume, Halloween 2015

I applied my base (foundation and eyebrows), and bruised up my face with red lipstick: forehead, around the eyes, under cheekbones and around the mouth. I also applied a layer of liquid latex to my neck and stuck small pieces of cotton wool to it for my wound.

DIY Zombie costume, Halloween 2015

I went over all of my bruised areas with a brown shadow, and anywhere I would usually contour. I used a red lip liner on my water line (which may have been a mistake as my eyes were sensitive the next day) and also drew red veins with the lip pencil. Around my mouth, forehead and on my wound I applied the first of many layers of fake blood.   DIY Zombie costume, Halloween 2015

As the blood dried, I would apply a couple of more layers and also add a dusting of brown shadow to add depth. The cotton wool gave a great fleshy texture to my neck wound. I used an elf stippling brush (not one of my favourites, so I didn’t mind if I ruined it) and I randomly applied brown shadow mixed with fake blood all around the wound and along hands and arms.
DIY Zombie costume, Halloween 2015

The final look- I absolutely loved putting this look together, so much fake blood to play with!

DIY Zombie costume, Halloween 2015

As my makeup was so dramatic, I kept the rest of my simple and black… what’s new?

I have been talking about my new over the knee boots for a while and I am totally in love! This is my second time wearing them out and they’re actually quite comfortable too.


What I Wore:

DIY Zombie costume, Halloween 2015

DIY Zombie costume, Halloween 2015

I spent the night in town with my friend Naomi and we randomly ended up in Coppers! I had not been there in years and it made me feel really old. We only stayed for one drink and then we jumped across the road to The Black Door where the crowd were a little older.

I was DYING the next day, but the night was totally worth it. I am already starting to think of what I could wear next year.

I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween weekend, if you have any costume posts I would love to see them, please link me below!

Until next time,

Signature 1

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 13.07.48

Wondering what to wear with over the knee boots? Check out my lust list here. 


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