Dad’s 60th | What I Wore

In my last post, Clay Pigeon Shooting, I was filling you in on what we got up to for my Dad’s 60th birthday. You can read all about our shooting experience from Saturday here, but this post takes a look at Saturday night.

My dad didn’t have a huge 60th, but he did reserve an area in his local pub and invited his friends out for a drink, and of course myself and my sisters joined it. My boyfriend Conor had been away for the week in Spain with his dad and surprised me by coming back a few hours earlier than I expected and coming with me to the party. Arriving at the party, it was pretty funny how everyone under 30 ended up at a table a little bit away from everyone else, a new version of the ‘kids table’. It was myself, both of my sisters, one of my sister’s boyfriends and my dad’s god-daughter and her brother.

My dad had a great night, and even tried to bring everyone back to the house for afters, he successfully did bring two of his friends back for drinks! He is 21 at heart!

As we had been out all day in Kildare, I didn’t have too much time to get ready, so I kept it simple in all black (what’s new?!) and caked my face with makeup to try to disguise my tiredness and swollen face from having a wisdom tooth pulled the day before.

Seriously obsessed with this magical snapchat filter, I did not look this good in person at all, but I love how it makes my skin look! I have unfiltered snaps below, but bear in mind I am also a little tipsy in those ones too!

Inglot HD Foundation
Urban Decay Naked Concealer
Revlon Illuminator
MAC Studio Fix Powder
Maybelline Sculp Contour Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz & Pomade (yes I used both!)
Urban Decay eye primer
MAC Warm Neutral Palette
Maybelline Graphic Liner
Rimmel Nude Liner
YSL Faux Cil Mascara

MAC Spice pencil
Seventeen Lip Lustre


I think I have included every product I used, as I mention before, totally caked!


Keep scrolling for the unfiltered pics, seriously I look nothing like this selfie in real life, but I am still loving this filter.


The picture isn’t great, but here is a snap of my bruise from clay pigeon shooting on my arm. As I mentioned in my last post, it didn’t actually hurt but I did feel pretty badass to have a bruise from shooting.

I thought the mirror in the bathroom would make a really great outfit mirror, but it actually just cut bits of my body out of the picture!

What I Wore:

Topshop sequin/ bead camisole // Similar here
Hollister skinny jean //   Similar here
Zara cage heels // Similar here
Grey crossbody bag // Similar here

I obviously felt really comfortable in my outfit as it is pretty much my uniform. I love my new jeans from Hollister, which are my first purchase from there, even though both of my sisters have worked there for YEARS! I needed new black jeans for Winter, as all of my black jeans have turned grey and faded, and this pair is really comfortable and such soft denim.

I hope you had a great long weekend, until next time

Signature 1



Check out how we spent the day for my dad’s 60th in my last post here. 


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