Clay Pigeon Shooting | Dad’s 60th

I hope everyone had a really great long weekend. Mine was pretty high and low to be honest. My Friday was a total write off as I had one of my lower wisdom teeth removed and I am still in pain today. I was planning to get two filling and my dentist thought it would be best if I just had the tooth removed, and as much as I hate anything to do with dental work, I thought in the long run this was for the best.

Now on to the Highs- the rest of my weekend was packed with fun. My dad turned 60 we surprised him with a trip to Kildare to try out clay pigeon shooting. That night we headed to the pub so he could celebrate with all of his friend and the following day was my boyfriend Conor’s birthday and we had a big night out with all of his friends.

I will cover the two nights out in posts soon, but for now I am really excited to tell you about our adventure to Kildare.

As I mentioned, the entire trip was a surprise for Dad, all he knew was we were heading somewhere in a taxi and that he needed to dress warm. My mum had organised everything through The K Club, who handled all of our transport and booked our shooting times for us.

We got the taxi straight to Abbeyfield Farm, which is also an equestrian school, and my dad almost died thinking he would have to jump up on a horse, not his style at all. When we arrived at the shooting range he was delighted to finally know what we were doing for the day.

Our instructor was brilliant, I think his name was Alan, but I am not 100% sure. I thought I would be really nervous holding a live gun for the first time but he talked us through everything and helped each of us with all of our shots. With his guidance I actually managed to hit most of my targets, which I was really surprised at. We were all a lot better than we expected, but my dad did win the competition of who could hit the most flying discs.

We were really lucky that the weather was sunny and dry, although it was windy and a little cold. We spend an hour shooting, and that was just the right amount of time as your arms get quite tired from holding such a heavy gun for so long. There is also a slight kick-back every time you take a shot, which results in a bit of a bruise along your shoulder and arm, but mine didn’t hurt. I was actually surprised to see it, as I had not felt it all day. The next day my arm and shoulder was completely stiff, but not as bad as it can be after a trip to the gym.

 If you would like to find out more about Abbeyfield Farm and their activities click here. 

Spot the odd one out: my mum and dad both wore their aviator jackets and light coloured trousers and my sisters both wore their padded jackets and black jeans, and there I am with my biker jacket and burgundy waxed trousers. That was not planned at all, I just think the photo looks pretty funny.

What I Wore:

Penneys/ Primark aran jumper // Similar here
Massimo Dutti waxed jeans // Similar here
Zara leather jacket // Similar here
ASOS snake boots // Similar here

This was the day the new Snapchat filter came out- the photoshopping/ contouring one- so many selfies!!!!

You can follow me on snapchat at ginakiely.

The K Club send a car to pick us up from the farm after our shooting and brought us to the Legends bistro for lunch.

The K Club has plenty of dining options, and this was one of the more casual places, with an incredible view of the Irish countryside.

There were so many delicious options on the menu, but I was in the mood for a really great burger, and that is what I got! I ordered the Irish beef burger with cheddar cheese and added bacon on top, it was amazing and my stomach is growling just thinking about it.

Although we were all so full after our massive meals, which came with huge bowls of chips, we decided to split two ferror rocher cheesecakes between the five of us and I enjoyed a latte too.
All of the food was incredible, from the mains, to the sauces and of course the cheesecake. We all left really happy and ready for a nap!


I am so happy to have made such a great memory for my dad’s 60th, I love trying out new things and this was a really fun adventure.

Our lunchtime view.

At the end of the day we headed back to Dublin and prepared for Dad’s party that night. I will be posting about that shortly.

Who else has been clay pigeon shooting? If you have any questions please leave them below.
Until next time,
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My last adventure post was my weekend at Electric Picnic. You can read all about that here.     


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